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Description:A little and easy tool to test your Internet connection by Juan Carlos 'Templario' Herran Martin.

Title: iConecta
Version: 3.05
Kind: Internet
Plataform: MorphOS
Requeriments: None
Description: A little and easy program to test your Internet connection, it was made thinking
in Apple Macs running MorphOS and using the wireless connection.

This program isn't one spyware, monitoring or keylogger malicious software only
check if your computer is online or offline to avoid bad surprises browsing or

The program clean your privacy deleted files from OWB (Orygin Web Browser):
- cookies.db
- History.db
- TopSites.db
- webpageIcons.db
- LocalStorage cookies
- Bookmarks.html
- Passwords.db

NOTE: For clean the files the OWB must not be runing, because the OWB has open
these files for its use.

The tool is very easy to use with menu options.

Available in the next languages:
1.English. 2.Spanish. 3.French. 4.Italian. 5.German.

New features for this version:
1. Added requester option to ask for confirmation to delete the cookies.

Developer:J.C. Herran Martin
Upload Date:Jan 06 2019
Size:1 MB
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