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Description:A program to manage contact and other information about persons.
Developer:Ulrich Beckers
PerCIMan - Readme

This is a program to manage contact and other information about persons. It offers information to a person's addresses (private, job, etc.), phone, email and web/social media contact, birthday, picture file. Persons can get marked as friends, relatives, business contacts, almuni, etc.. It's possible to filter the list according to these flags.
There is a birthday reminder included (lists all next birthdays and alarms 10 days in advance). There is also a log file for each person to add information on a particular date (e.g.: "23.08.2014 married" or "15.04.2010 Master of Science in Physics" or such) , as well a free text field for notes of whaever content.
You can add as many persons to a data set as you like and you can create as many data sets as you like. For all people within a data set you can do some networking - who knows whom and in which relation (e.g. friend, relative, business contact, unknown, etc.). note: In versions below 1.x not all features are available yet.

A computer with MorphOS and the Rapa GUI plugin.

Check the website: https://via.i-networx.de/perciman/about.htm

Upload Date:Feb 23 2019
Size:1 MB
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