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Description:ScoutNG, the exec library monitoring facilities.
Developer:Jacek Piszczek
Short: MorphOS system monitor
Author: Jacek Piszczek
Uploader: jacadcaps runbox com
Type: util/moni
Version: 1.5
Requires: MorphOS 3.12
Architecture: ppc-morphos >= 3.12
Language: English
Icon: icons8.com

Scout NG is the MorphOS oriented complement for the Scout tool. It's focused
on relations between different system resources. For example, it's possible to
view ports or windows controlled by a task. Scout NG also makes it possible
to monitor IDCMP messages sent to windows, inject own messages. The MUI monitor
makes it possible to view and modify the structure (objects) of a foreign app.


You are using Scout NG at your own risk. While care has been given to ensuring
that all modifications to apps and system resources are performed as safely as
possible, some undesired behaviour (or crashing) is to be expected. MUI apps
modified with Scout NG will leak resources.

- 1.5 - Fixed some quirks in Devices and added a 'Scan' button
- 1.4 - Fixed the module names in CallStack window
- 1.3 - Minor fixes in the task list and libraries
- Re-written MUI application scanner so that all hidden apps are
now listed
- Added some additional infos and actions to the MUI app view window
- 1.2 - Initial release

Upload Date:Jan 14 2020
Size:339 KB
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