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Description:A skin for Ambient.
Developer/Porter:Emeric SH
Short: [MorphOS] A skin for Ambient
Author: Emeric SH (emeric@vim.hu)
Uploader: Emeric SH (emeric vim hu)
Type: pix/theme
Version: 1.0
Requires: Morph OS 1.4+
Architecture: generic

"SpaceStation" Skin for MorphOS Ambient

My first ever skin for MorphOS. Hope you like it. Installer and stuff
mostly based on Aaron Diezman's Sky skin.

This package includes the base skin, arrow gadgets for MUI, a
radio button for MUI, and MUI preferences.

This skin installs with the standard Installer.

This skin is freeware and is freely distributable. In case of commercial use
or modification asd for written permission first.

Many thanks again to Aaron Diezman for the install script.

Send comments to emeric@vim.hu.

©2004 Emeric SH.

Upload Date:Apr 21 2017
Size:754 KB
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