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Description:A MorphOS skin for Ambient.
Developer/Porter:Steve Lambrou
Name: SnowSkin
Short: MorphOS Skin
Version: 1.0
Author: LambrouDesign (Steve Lambrou)
e-mail: liquidbit@yahoo.com
Date: 13/11/2004

Why I did this Skin:
I tired trying to compile Linux programs and I bored seeing the same MorphOS skins.

How long it took me:
Two Days.

What for Music I was listening:

From MacOS 9.

Some features:
Window Buttons and TitleBars are transparent when they are inactive.
Too bad that you can't see it but maybe on a new MUI version Window transparency would be supported.
Lets all cross our fingers for that.

For suggestions or problems mail me, I will try to fix them in the new release!
I have already 3 New Skins for MOS in my planning, any tip will be thankful.

Greetings to:
tokai, I hope you find my skin beter than yours.
blade_runner, Don't be ungry that I used your SkinConfig file.
..morphos irc channel people for answer me all my questions even the stupid ones.

Simply doubleclick the install icon.

NOTICE: When you are ready to setup the SnowSkin, it is recommended that all your windows are closed.

This skin is ©2004 by Steve Lambrou(liquidbit)
Official Artwork from LambrouDesign
The Skin is free for Distribution when the copyrights remain to the Author.
Installer Script rights are ©2003 by Genesi Sarl

Upload Date:Mar 12 2017
Size:250 KB
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