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Description:A MorphOS skin for Ambient.
Developer/Porter:Paolo Russo
Short: Flavoured Skins for MorphOS
Author: Jambalah (Paolo Russo) geepney@hotmail.it
Version: 1.0
Type: gfx/misc
Date: 15/02/2012
Requires: MorphOS 2.x - enhanced screen modes

Flavoured colors skins

Hi everybody!!!
Colors, that's the main theme for this set of skins. Simple and straight!
I decided to explore some colors, just to get out of ordinary and the result
is this set wich has:

- Aqua
- Black
- Blue Navy
- Gray
- Green Gray
- Olive Gray
- Orange
- Red
- White
- Wine
- Yellow

I hope those would be enjoyable! =)
The skins are semi-transparent and I thought to draw a black line behind the
window text space so to improve the reading and the line is a little blurred.
The font is a Verdana 16 and has a proper position but if you decide to change
type and/or size, edit the SkinConfig file and change WINDOWTITLETEXTSHIFT to
adjust text position like it should be or... using your own taste =)
There are also the respective MUI settings (some of them are more than one, as
an alternative) and even here... mixing the config is allowed!!


Copy the skins in Sys:Prefs/Skins and all the SkinConfig files in Sys:Prefs/presets/MUI
then... enjoy!!!


Feel free to mail me in case you redestribute them, modify them, like them and..
don't like at all!
Use at your own risk... =)

Upload Date:Dec 10 2016
Size:1020 KB
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