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Description:Extended Icon Set for MorphOS v0.3 by Paul Chadwick.
Developer/Porter:Paul Chadwick
Short: v0.3 Extended Icon Set for MorphOS.
Author: Paul Chadwick
Uploader: Paul Chadwick <p chadwick outlook com>
Type: pix/picon
Architecture: generic

Short Description:

Hi again, so this is my second pack of icons for MorphOS. The previous pack
went down very well and I saw it being used by many people and popped up in
alot of screenshots too.

This time around you have 22 new drawer/drive icons for your personal need. I
hope you enoy them and the next pack will be bigger. If you have any
recomendations or wishes you can email me.

Until next next time, adios amiga!

Upload Date:May 21 2016
Size:191 KB
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