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Description:A graphical FTP client with support for SSL/TLS protocols
Short: Graphical FTP/FTPS client
Uploader: jpv@morphos-user.com (jPV^RNO)
Author: jPV^RNO
Type: comm/tcp
Version: 1.2
Architecture: ppc-morphos
Requires: AmiSSL v4


RNOXfer is a graphical FTP client with support for SSL/TLS protocols.

Please consider the time and effort I put in to create this utility for your
use and enjoyment. If you feel it is useful to you, please send a donation
that represents the benefit you gain from using it to me at the address found
in this ReadMe.txt file (Uploader) or click the Donate button at


- Supports both explicit and implicit FTPS connections
- Recursive file transfers
- Resume support
- Online editing of files (automatic uploading)
- Create new files using the specific editor setup in Settings
- Open double-clicked files using the program defined in Settings
- Edit filenames and permissions
- File search functionality
- Calculate directory sizes
- Import addresses in URL format
- Configurable IP address and port range for the active mode
- Ability to send custom FTP commands to servers
- File selection functionality by pattern matching


- AmiSSL v4 (http://aminet.net/search?query=amissl)

Note that pre 4.5 versions of AmiSSL v4 had a buggy installer script on
MorphOS. Installations made with them may be incomplete and in these cases
it's recommended you update to version 4.5 or higher.


Copy the whole directory anywhere you want and just launch the program.


- To add a new entry to the Server List, enter the server information in the
main window, test that it connects, and click the Add button on the Server
List window.
- To modify an entry in the Server List, select and modify it, and click the
Add button again.
- Double-clicking a Server List entry can make it behave in different ways
according to its configuration in the Settings window.
- Server List entries can be copied as URLs to the Clipboard using the right
mouse button context menu.
- To search for files or to calculate directory sizes, select the required
directories and use the right mouse button context menu option.
- Double-clicking a search result entry selects the file, and thus opens the
corresponding directory in the program GUI.
- There are some "hidden" keyboard shortcuts in addition to marked shorctuts:
l - Activates the local path field
r - Activates the remote path field
, - Opens the parent directory on the local file list
. - Opens the parent directory on the remote file list
o - Cycles the protocol option
? - Opens the pattern selection window for the local lister
* - Opens the pattern selection window for the remote lister


Program settings are found in the program's pull-down menu and they will be
saved to the ENVARC:Hollywood/com.wmhost.jpv.rnoxfer file.

The "Settings -> Save" pull-down menu option also saves the server list
entries, the selected server, and open states of individual windows.

There is also an advanced configuration file (advanced.conf), which is used
to pass custom curl options to the program. Check the provided example file
for more information.


RNOXfer uses non-standard command line arguments. Arguments must be given
in the form of (note the "-" prefix): -argument parameter

Allowed arguments:
-url <URL> . . . . . - Imports a URL at startup
-select <hostname> . - Selects a server from the server list
-select <position> . - Selects a server using its position (No.) in the list
-connect . . . . . . - Auto-connect to the current server
-localdir <path> . . - Sets the local directory (path:to/dir)
-remotedir <path> . - Sets the remote directory (/path/to/dir/)

RNOXfer -url "ftp://main.aminet.net/new" -connect

The same arguments can be used as icon tooltypes, but by omitting the
"-" prefix.



Version 1.2:
- An overlooked debug line broke recursive downloading in v1.1
- Drag & drop failed for icons with no actual file or directory
- Added options to launch external programs after transfers

Version 1.1:
- Fixed handling of certain special characters in filenames
- Added drag & drop uploading
- Added an option to hide the local lister
- Added file selection functionality by pattern matching
- Added an option to view or download double-clicked files
- Improved local drag & drop
- Improved advanced.conf functionality
- Changed the default viewer setting to C:WBRun on OS4
- Minor tweaking


- Please visit http://jpv.wmhost.com/jpv_software/ for screenshots, support,
donations, and other software
- This program is made with Hollywood: http://www.hollywood-mal.com/


- Neil Pearson for testing and proof-reading
- Densho/RNO for the logo


This software is made available to you as DONATIONWARE. If you use this
software, please make a PayPal donation to the author.

The author accepts no liability for any damage caused to your system, other
connected peripherals, or data files in any way by using this software.

Upload Date:May 16 2020
Size:2 MB
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