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version 1.1.0 (August 5th, 2020)

Demo for MorphOS PowerPC.

The demo was shown in the Wild competition
at the Decrunch 2020 party in Wroclaw/Poland
(July 31st - August 2nd, 2020).

code, engine, design, gfx 2D, gfx 3D, anim

music, support

(C) 2020 ENCORE

e-mail: encore@amiga.pl
twitter: @encoregames

hardware: PowerPC CPU, 3D accelerator
software: MorphOS 3.11+, 3D drivers

------------ info ------------

A few words from MDW:

A loving Thank you to my forgiving family that still
supports my hobby. <3
Nati + Ira - thanks for the ghost models in the greetings part
Igi - thanks for the head shape used in the title scene

Thanks to Skyrunner for his great music! I am impressed by his
commitment when composing and adjusting the music to the demo design.
His suggestions were very helpful and improved the demo design.

Caro - thanks for your review and the good ideas/suggestions. You
still remember and understand the old realtime 3D creation techniques! :)

Decrunch party organizers - thanks for organizing a demoscene party
in my city! This is very comfortable for me. :)

MorphOS Team (www.morphos-team.net) - thank you for developing
my favourite Amiga-like operating system.

Thanks to Krashan for creating and MOS Team for development
of Reggae multimedia framework - great successor of Amiga datatypes
mechanism which plays sound in my engine (and in this demo).

Greeting to all admins and users of my favourite places in the Internet:

Greetings to all real and happy users of:
MorphOS, AmigaOS4, AROS and... Amiga Classic :)


A few words from Skyrunner:

Hi folks!

Doing the music for Morphobia was fun. At first MDW asked me
on Soundcloud if I had a spare piece of music for his demo.
I had not. But I was willing to do a new soundtrack from scratch
after I saw an early preview of the demo. When I saw the car model,
I instantly decided to do a bit of a Synthwave track for the demo.
I hope you like what we did here. =)

Keep an eye open for the second project I'm working on. It is
the soundtrack for a classic Jump'n Run game called "AmiRun" coded
and designed by JustEpyx^TSA. It will be a fun game, heavily loaded
with eastereggs all over the place. =)
If all goes as planned it will be released at the Novoque
in August 2020. Look for it in the stream.

Last but not least I would be happy if you make a visit to
my soundcloud page:

Cheers and greetings to all of you! =D <3


A few (un)interesting facts about the Morphobia...

80 butterflies were involved in the creation of this production.
No butterflies were harmed in the making of this demo.

Devices used for the creation of the demo:
- PowerBook G4 with MorphOS 3.13,
- MacBook Pro mid 2012 with macOS 10.15,
- iPhone 8 with iOS 13,
- iPad mini 2 with iOS 12.

All 3D graphics (objects, scenes, animations) were created with
Blender 2.79b for macOS and exported to internal formats of
the engine using Encore's plugins for Blender.

2D graphics created with:
- Pixelmator Pro, Affinity Designer for macOS,
- ImageFX, ArtEffect, TVPaint for AmigaOS/MorphOS.

Coded in C/C++ with:
- Flow Development Studio with GCC 8 on MorphOS,
- Xcode 11 on macOS.

The demo uses the Encore Engine 4.2.0 which has been under
development by MDW since 2006. It is a very simple and lightweight
engine which allows to create demos/games for various platforms.
However the main targets are new Amiga-like platforms (called AmigaNG):
AmigaOS4, MorphOS, AROS. The current version of the Encore Engine
requires simple C++ and an old version of OpenGL (fixed pipeline
without shaders support). These requirements could be changed in
the future. It depends on features of OpenGL implementations for
supported platforms (especially: MorphOS, AmigaOS4, AROS).

See you in our next productions...
Mariusz "MDW" Wlodarczyk

Wroclaw/Poland, August 5th, 2020

-------- history --------

ver. 1.1.0 (August 5th, 2020)
- Fixed major bug in task priorities management which on some
hardware caused keyboard handling problem (thank you jPV).
- Added to Launcher function for disable looping of end scroller
(hey Cool amigaN).

ver. 1.0.0 (July 30th, 2020)
- The first public version released at the Decrunch 2020 party.

Upload Date:Aug 06 2020
Size:40 MB
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