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Description:Portable Bioware's Infinity Engine
Developer:grelbfarlk & Cowcat
Short: Portable Bioware's Infinity Engine
Author: Andrea Palmatè, port by grelbfarlk & Cowcat
Uploader: polluks+aminet sdf lonestar org (Stefan Haubenthal)
Type: game/role
Version: 0.8.5-beta3
Requires: PowerSDL, previous PC install
Architecture: ppc-morphos
URL: https://gemrb.org

Tested with BG2 (full and demo) BG1 and Icewind Dale 2 (Extended versions are not supported!)

Needs Guillaume Roguez´s Python_2.7.6-16 installed in system (library and py lib dir)

Copy game dir inside GemRB/ (Needs to be a previous PC install.)

Example of a possible game installation:

Apps:GemRB> dir BG2-SoA/
scripts (dir)
save (dir)
sounds (dir)
music (dir)
characters (dir)
data (dir)
CD2 (dir)
CD3 (dir)
CD4 (dir)
Cache (dir)
override (dir)
Chitin.key dialog.tlk
gem-baldur.ini GemRB.log

(Save and Cache dirs are generated by the engine)


Change "GameType=" game type (no auto)
Change "GamePath=" the actual game dir (example PROGDIR:BG2-SoA/)
Change "CachePath=" Preferable to be the game dir.
Change "GemRBPath=" Needs the full path (example apps:GemRB/)

Example running the engine:

From shell: gemrb.mos -c GemRB-BG2.cfg

Upload Date:Nov 03 2020
Size:2 MB
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