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Developer:Bernd Assenmacher
Short: Tutorial: Printing with MorphOS
Author: b-a@keemail.me (Bernd Assenmacher)
Uploader: b-a@keemail.me (Bernd Assenmacher)
Type: docs/help
Version: 1.4
Architecture: ppc-morphos

This is a simple guide to printing for MorphOS 3.12 as of January 2020.

I wrote it, because there are not really instructions available and you have to search in forums everything with difficulty.

If mistakes have crept in or somethings missing, please write to b-a@keemail.me

Thanks and regards :)

Changes in V1.4

* improved descriptions
* Bugs fixed
* Links replaced / added
* improved graphics
* rearranged text/graphics
* Information added

Changes in V1.3

* improved descriptions
* Bugs fixed
* Screenshots added and worked on

Changes in V1.2

* Bugs fixed
* Screenshots added

Changes in V1.1

* Bugs fixed
* Information added

Upload Date:Jan 02 2020
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