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Description:Remove junk files created by emulation software.
Developer/Porter:Marcin Labenski
Short: Remove junk files created by emulation software
Author: mpl_pl@poczta.onet.pl (Marcin Labenski)
Version: 1.2
Architecture: m68k-amigaos >= 2.0; ppc-amigaos; ppc-morphos


Have you ever shared data using CF card between UAE (FA-UAE in particular) and
'real' Amiga? If so, you should noticed lot of .uaem files created by the
emulator. In this files UAE stores attributes of files that are not available
in native file system used in the emulator. If you copy data from CF to your
Amiga FFS/PFS drive you will get lot of useless junk files. In addition if your
OS on the machine where you're emulating is macOS, you may get more
junks - HFS resource forks (files prefixed with ._) and .DS_Store files.

All these junks can be removed with uaemremover tool.

The tool can be run from Workbench or from Shell.

Running from Workbench

Double click the icon and the GUI will appear. At first you should specify
directory name to look for junk files. You can enter directory name directly
or use 'Browse' button and select it using a requester. By default the tool
looks for .uaem files. Mark 'Include resource forks' checkbox to also look for
resource forks and .DS_Store files.

Next, hit 'Search' button and it will start searching - it may take a while.
During the operation, each junk file found will be added to be list titled
'Found files to delete'.

When the search is finished you can:
* browse the list
* remove selected item from the list (not from disk!) - hit 'Remove from list'
* clean the list - hit 'Clean list' button
* remove from your disk all the items shown in the list - hit 'Delete' button

After pressing 'Delete' the files will be removed - you should be able to
see how they disappear from the list. You can stop the operation at any time
by clicking 'STOP' button. When it is done you can look for junk files in
another directory or just quit the tool.

Running from Shell


PATH - directory to look for junk files
INCLFORKS - include HFS resource forks and .DS_Store files (as junks)
TEST - do not remove - only display on screen what would be deleted

If the command is called from Shell without any parameter, it will start GUI.
When any parameter is provided it will run in Shell only without displaying
GUI. In such case, PATH parameter is mandatory. Unless TEST switch
is used, the tool will immediately remove found junks (without asking
for any confirmation!).

- support for WB 2.0, AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS

- fixed issue with not including .DS_Store file
- performance improved - using ExAll instead of posix OpenDir
- performance improved - more rational GUI updates
- running the command without any parameter now starts GUI
- GUI option removed from command syntax

Upload Date:Nov 23 2017
Size:63 KB
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