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Modded Morphos version of official SG 1.1 and Quake3 for Amiga classic:

Use of the provided qvms is imperative: You can´t load the models without those.
In some situations is needed the command "sv_pure 0" (devmaps).

Low video memory gfx cards = bad performance, glitches, etc.

2 options:

- Play in black& white ( GreyScale filtering setting on menu/system ).

- Full Color with new cvar "r_lowvideomemory"

Set it in q3config.cfg before starting the game ( or start SG from shell with +set r_lowvideomemory 1 ).
Enable Lighting:Vertex(low) in menu/system to get rid of most of the glitches and framedrops.

Also convenient is a 16bit screenmode for Morphos desktop without the DisplayEngine enabled.

Don´t bother until the original coders fix the endian issues.
Servers (pure) expect clients to load files from the original pak and game ultimately hangs there.

Need Smokin_Guns_1.1r2_data.zip
Upload Date:Jan 02 2019
Category:Games/Shoot 3D
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