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Description:A little and easy program to clean the .recycled trashcans the obsolete and old files.
Developer:J.C. Herran Martin
Title: Witch Cleaner
Version: 1.06
Kind: Clean
Plataform: MorphOS
Requeriments: None
Description: A little and easy program to clean the .recycled trashcans the obsolete and
old files.

The .recycled trashcans are a option from MorphOS where to temporarily are
save the files deleted, renamed, even drawers, or temporarily files made for
programs or games.
This option is good to have activated to recover files deleted accidentally
or that you want recover a previous version from them. But to avoid that the
trashcan fill up there are two options set up a maximum files to save or
delete yourself to facilitate it here born this free clean tool.

Be sure you want to empty the trashcan.
You are using this program at your own risk and responsibility Morgue Soft
and the author aren't responsible for possible damage or loss of data due
to misuse.
You are using this program freely.

The tool is very easy to use with menu options.

Available in the next languages:
1. English. 2. Spanish. 3. French.

- 1.06 Little visual changes.

- 1.05 Fixed a bug with Favorite trashcan and others.

- 1.00 Initial realesed.

Upload Date:Feb 26 2020
Size:1 MB
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