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Description:Stream online video from major platforms
Developer:George Sokianos
All In One streams (aiostreams) is a pack of scripts, written in Python, that
can be used to stream and watch videos from different online networks, like
Twitch.tv and Mixer.com.

All the scripts should be used from the shell, as well as from any web browser
that support execution of scripts. It is really easy to configure a link context
menu and open the URL with the script. And if "Autoplay" is enabled, then the
video will start automatically using the configured default players.

Some of these networks have a search API, and you can use them to find available
streams and videos, without the need to visit the website. This is a fast way to
find what you want, without waiting huge amount of Javascript to be executed on
your machine. Especially useful when your computer doesn't have the necessary
horse power to support those websites.

All the scripts are developed and fully tested under AmigaOS 4.1 FE and MorphOS
3.x. There will be support for other systems in the future, like AmigaOS 3 and
AROS, as long as Python is supported. The scripts work just fine under Linux and
MacOS X, but those systems are not the target of this project. There are other
solutions that might do a better job.

Supported networks:
* Twitch.tv
* Mixer.com
* YouTube.com
* Vimeo.com
* Dailymotion.com
* Skaitv.gr
* Dlive.tv (On my AmigaOS 4.1 system an SSL error show up. Please try it and
give me your feedback. It works just fine under Linux and MacOS X.)

* Python 2.5
* Pythonssl
* The Python modules: urllib, urllib2, sys, re, string, random. Usually they are
part of the python Installation
* ffplay for the online live streaming videos, or something equivalent
* mplayer for the online recorded videos, or something equivalent
* internet access

The project is open source and you can find the code at:

If you have any requests or you would like to report any problems you found, you
can do that at:

You can find the todo list and the status of them at:

* Dlive.tv script added. Under AmigaOS 4 an SSL error show up. Working on a
* MorphOS 3.x, MacOS X and Linux systems are now supported with autoplay
* Various fixes

* YouTube.com script added
* If the running system is not AmigaOS 4, the returned texts show unicode
characters. Otherwise they are stripped
* Skaitv.gr script updated to support some archived videos and live stream
* Fixed a config file bug
* Fixed a bug in Twitch script
File "twitch.py", line 192, in getPrefferedVideoURL
if (quality == playlists[idx]['video']):

* Vimeo.com script added
* Dailymotion.com script added
* Skaitv.gr script added
* simplem3u8 parser updated to support URLs starting with "../"
* Added links in the AmigaGuide file, that use URLOpen
* Added the silence parameter, that prevents the script to output anything,
except the errors or the results of a search
* Documentation updated
* Removed version per script
* Added Top Games list in twitch.py script. This returns the 50 Top Games based
on the number of viewers.
* Added Top Streams list in twitch.py script. This returns the 50 Top Streams
based on the number of viewers.
* Increased game search results list to 50 items in twitch.py script.

* Mixer.com script added
* Cleared a lot of code in twitch.py script
* Documentation updated

* Initial release
* Twitch.tv script added
* Simple m3u8 parser created
Upload Date:Oct 06 2019
Size:247 KB
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