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Description:A program to manage contact and other information about persons.
Developer:Ulrich Beckers
PerCIMan - Version 0.5 - ReadMe.txt (AMINET/OS3 compatible, 80 characters wide)

This is a program for managing contact and other information about people.
It offers information as to a person's addresses (private, work, etc.), phone,
email and web/social media contact, birthday, image file. People can be marked
as friend, relative, business contact, almuni, etc.. It's also possible to
filter the list according to these flags.

There is a birthday reminder included (which lists following birthdays and
alarms 10 days in advance).

There is also a log file where a person can have additional information entered
about a particular date (e.g.: "23.08.2014 married" or "15.04.2010, Master of
Science in Physics" or such like), and a free-text field for notes of any kind.

You can add as many people as you want to into a data-set and you can create as
many data-sets as you like. For anyone in that data-set you can network them.
i.e. who knows whom, relationship (e.g. friend, relative, business contact,
unknown, etc.).

For versions prior to v1.x some of the program's features are not as yet fully

A computer running MorphOS and the Rapa GUI plugin.

Check the website for more info: https://via.i-networx.de/perciman/about.htm

Upload Date:Mar 21 2019
Size:1 MB
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