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Description:Word processor
Developer:Carsten Siegner
Short: Word processor
Author: Carsten Siegner < carstensiegner@dg-email.de >
Uploader: Carsten Siegner < carstensiegner@dg-email.de >
Type: text/dtp
Version: 1.6
Architecture: ppc-morphos >= 3.12
Replaces: text/dtp/Morpheus_1.2.lha

Morpheus is a word processor.
Currently only formatted text is processed.
The number of pages is arbitrary.
It is limited only by the memory.
It handles different text formats that are read / written or written only.
The native format of Morpheus is RTF. Furthermore, it reads and writes ODT.
Morpheus writes PDF and EPUB but can not read it. The pages are only printed on a Postscript compatible printer.
On the window of Morpheus you can drop files. They will then be displayed.

Mopheus has a shell interface with the following commands: INPUT / A, ANTIALIAS / N:

INPUT: The path to the file
ANTIALIAS: Anti-aliasing of the font (0 - 4)

Version 1.0:

+ First Public Version

Version 1.2

+ Include graphic object system to insert / edit vector-/pixelgraphic
+ new libs: wmf.library, svg.library and dr2d.library
+ Save pages as pixelgraphic (jpg,png,tiff...) now

Version 1.6:

+ new libs: moo.library, customshape.library
+ Open/Save Morpheus grafic objects on disk
+ Free drawing of customshapes.
+ Export Morpheus grafic objects as SVG or Pixelgraphic
+ Duplicate / Delete or Swap objects
+ Grafic objects support hyperlinks now
+ Morpheus support dropping files on the window.

Upload Date:Dec 04 2019
Size:3 MB
Carsten Siegner
06 Dec 2019
Morpheus is still under construction.
I implement parts of Calimero
in my external MUI class "office.mcc".
This is not finished yet. The graphic object system
is now included; All that is missing is the text wrapping on graphic objects.
Carsten Siegner
06 Dec 2019
Please send me a email, if you have a question.
I do not have much time to read the comments.
06 Dec 2019
Carsten, are you able to tidy up the text handling, specifically the positioning, and highlighting of the cursor, because it is by no means accurate, and it is very off-putting trying to realise where the cursor is going to land, and it seems to go forward before it goes backwards when it nears one end of a line of text as you highlight some text, which is really weird.

It is obviously some part of your code that you've not yet got under control. This is a similar issue that you have had with Scriba, Calimero, and probably all of your other text based editors.

If you keep creating software then why not make a 'good-name' for yourself and create a program that can at least do what it is supposed to do with text, in the way we all expect text to be handled, with all the usual menu and highlighting, editing features of any text editor worthy of praise. As even with this piece of code it just doesn't do what it's supposed to, sadly.

That's not to say that there isn't some potential in many of the ideas, and projects that you start ... but they never seem to get fully developed and completed into a mature, stable environment that we can all gain from. If you just want these pieces of software for your own amusement then that's fine, but why keep sending out programs that promise, but don't deliver?

I want this to be constructive criticism, as I'd like to see you succeed with at least one application you've obviously spent quite some time working on, but you're not there yet.

Maybe you could get some advice on how to finalise the core of the applications with advice from someone who knows how to complete such text and graphics based applications because you just seem to lack the know how of those finer details, and it would serve you well in the future for any project you do if you can acquire the advice that you obviously need. Anyway, good luck with this project.
04 Dec 2019
First download.
Thank you
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