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Description:These Beta Files enable PPD printer files to be added to the MorphOS Prefs system (just like the C.U.P.S printing on other OS's) using the "USBPAR:" device.
Developer/Porter:Michal Zukowski

1. PRINTER: device will be created and copying files to this device will print them.
for example:
copy direct inputfile PRINTER:

2. PRINTER: device takes COPIES, ARGSFILE and FORMAT arguments.
ARGSFILE is compatible with IPP/CUPS arguments
FORMAT is either PS or IMAGE, default to PS (to be compatible with PS: device)

for example:
copy direct inputfile.jpg "Printer:ARGSFILE=fit-to-page FORMAT=image"
copy direct inputfile.ps "Printer:FORMAT=PS COPIES=2"

3. Printer system needs PPD files to be added/converted to internal format in Printers prefs (in Morphos Preferences).
PPD files for non postscript printers relies on CUPS filters. CUPS filters are included
(PCL and Samsung PCL based printers), both rewritten to use ppd.library.

4. PrinterOutput env variable must be set. for example:
setenv save PrinterOutput NETPAR:
refer to AmigaDOS documentation for information about setenv command

5. Printing on non-postscript printers requires latest Ghostscript

6. There are many PPD files available, PPD for postscript printers should work without problems,
ppd files for samsung printers are included in the archive. PPD for foomatic drivers won't work.

7. USB printers needs mounted device from mountlist, example mountlist is included in archive in
Work:Printer/Morphos/Devs/DOSDrivers/USBPAR, so it needs to type
mount USBPAR: in the shell and set output device
setenv save PrinterOutput USBPAR:


- Please regenerate profile from PPD files

- Speedups, buffering etc.
- Fixed crash in prefs when PPD have too many options
- Fixed splix (samsung printer drivers), added PPD files, added color managements profiles
- Fixed printer-handler, speedups
- Rewrite gstohandler, standard input support added
- Many fixes in other parts

- Fixes in pstops, preferences, ppd.library
- VPDF version with correct handling of pagesize
Upload Date:Dec 26 2016
Size:5 MB
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