MorphOS-Storage is a webserver to hosting software and other goodies dedicated to the operating system MorphOS.
Bounty for developers: don't hesitate to do a small donation to support developers, this bounty allows to propose a small donation of 10 euros to each developer upload a news on MorphOS-Storage (to buy beers or pizzas for example).
At this moment, the bounty is 30 euros. There are 210 euros donated to developers since the 16th March 2017 (start of the project).
Graphics / Show
Info Name   Developer Size Dl Date
0 BootAnimPlayer_2.0.lha  Carsten Siegner1 MB87Jan 14 2017
0 DiaShow_1.3.lha  Carsten Siegner135 KB102Sep 13 2016
0 LoView_2.91.lha Simone Monsignori4 MB99Jun 26 2016
0 MagicWebp_4.0.lha Carsten Siegner1 MB98Jul 26 2016
0MiniShowPicture_1.63.lha Pawel Stefanski217 KB35Mar 27 2017
0PicShow_1.31.lha  Thomas Rapp1 MB116May 29 2016
0RNOAnim_1.1.lha jPV^RNO1 MB29Apr 20 2017
0 Showgeo_1.0.lha Lazi9 MB79Dec 20 2016
0Thumb_7.253.lha Thomas Rapp268 KB39Mar 19 2017
0VintageViewer_2.25.lha J.C. Herran Martin1 MB103Dec 26 2016