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Description:A painting program that works only with tablet.
Developer/Porter:Antoine Dubourg
Aero 1.0 - 06.01.2009 by Antoine Dubourg


Q : What is Aero ?

A : Aero is a painting program that works only with tablet.


Q : How to run Aero ?

A : Run intuipatch before running Aero. There is a bug which prevent MUI
to work with tablet in MorphOS 2.2. This will be solved with 2.3 release.

This patch address the problem, thanks and proudness go to
jacaDcaps which provided me the binary.

Run Aero by shell or ambient. There is no icon yet. Maybe someone will
provide me a nice icon...


Q : How do I use Aero ?

A : You can change the diameter, density, pressure ramp and color of
the pen.

Tip :

Big diameter (50..64) <-> small density (1)
Small diameter (1..10) <-> heavy density (250+)

Pressure ramp : this setting allow the change of the pressure
handling. There is two white rectangles, one at each border.
You can change the pressure behaviour moving the rectangles.


Q : Why is there no line, rectangle, circle, fill whatever tool ?

A : Aero is at first stage release. You can do not much with it but
provides the strict necessary to paint whatever you like with.


Q : Can I save my artwork ?

A : Yes. PNG support included. Thanks to tokai & kiero for help on this
matter. Click on Save button.


Q : That's all ?

A : No. There is some keyboard shortcuts.

Space : close/open Aero window
+ (numpad) : Zoom In at cursor position
- (numpad) : Zoom Out at cursor position
* (numpad) : Centering canvas at cursor position


Q : I need this tool, would you mind add it ?

A : If you need a tool, tell me. I will do my best to include it.

You can reach me at this address : tcheko@no-log.org


Q : Did you had any help writing this tool ?

A : Yes. I had many. Thanks go in no order : Fab, JacaDcaps, kiero, tokai
and certainly many others.

Upload Date:Jul 01 2019
Size:58 KB
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