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Description:A small utility which can show different status information about your MorphOS system.
Developer/Porter:Christian Rosentreter

Note: This is just a Hot Fix for the old and no longer developed Statline 0.x which
was developed in 2004 (more than 10 years ago). Statline 0.x does not
necessarily conform to current MorphOS UI style guide standards, still it
might be an useful addition to any MorphOS desktop and provides unique
insight into the MorphOS system statistics.

An entirely new Statline (1.x branch) with better, and especially more style
conform UI and much more features and less CPU usage is still in development
and will be released someday after I manage to finish my updated homepage,
maybe in 2015!

Stay tuned! :)
Upload Date:Feb 25 2017
Size:56 KB
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