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Description:A special app to people that bealive in the magic or wiccan practices.
Developer:J.C. Herran Martin

Title: Sacrificio Pagano (Pagan Sacrifice)
Version: 1.65
Kind: Magic Tool
Plataform: MorphOS
Requeriments: Hollywood plugins: aiff.hwp - avcodec.hwp - digibooster.hwp oggvorbis.hwp
Tool for: Adult
Description: This is a special tool or app to people that believe in the magic or wiccan
practices and they haven't space or they have scare to other know or see
their ritual altar, this is a virtual ritual altar if you know the wiccan or
magic knowles, if not you need some book to help you with these rituals and
magic spells.

The objetive of this tool isn't pagan apologize only to have a virtual altar
for your ritual inside if your computer.

This app has three typical rituals:
Basic: To make the typical pagan rituals with its typical magic tools:
Wand, athame, candles and the bell with its ringtone.

Sexual: Call to a Maiden to help you with your magic rituals using her as
channel of magic between you and the Goddesses and Gods.

New features 1.65 (18-07-2020):

1. Improvement the call to the maidens.
2. Little improvements.

Upload Date:Jul 18 2020
Size:4 MB
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