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Description:Generate printable signs using TT fonts
Developer:Domenico Lattanzi
Short: Generate printable signs using TT fonts
Author: Domenico Lattanzi
Uploader: domenico lattanzi gmail com
Type: text/dtp
Version: 2.0
Requires: RapaGUI plugin
Architecture: ppc-morphos
Distribution: NoCD

Tipografia is a program who creates printable signs in A4 format, using TrueType symbols fonts as
source of the graphic needed by the users. The document structure contains:

- A frame, choosing it by a truetype font who contains frames
- A picture, choosing it by a truetype font who contains symbols
- A text, distributed in a space of 9 lines, customizable by choosing between 6 styles
and 3 alignments

Very much fonts who contains useful graphic are existing, this program is born to exploit them.
Signs produced can be exported in PDF format, and stored on file as a project to be reused or
modified later.

Upload Date:Sep 08 2020
Size:2 MB
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