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Description:2D Point-and-Click adventure interpreter - ScummVM, ported on MorphOS by BeWorld.
This is a MorphOS build of ScummVM 2.6.0 GIT (24-03-2022).

MorphOS Version :

This is a GIT version of 2.6.0. (beta test version)

You need last SDL2.library (available on morphos-storage)

What's features in this version ?

Compile with last librairies FLUIDSYNTH - FAAD - LIBGIF - FLAC - MAD - MPEG2 - A52 - FREETYPE 2.11.1 - FRIBIDI - SDL 2.0.20 - JPEG/PNG/CURL/SSL from SDK
Building over cross-compiling and MorphOS 3.16 - SDK 3.16 March2022 and GCC 11

What's news in this version ?
See NEWS file

Know bugs:
- 3D engine / OpenGL as buggy (glReadPixel bug) with R300 drivers (For example: GRIM and texture, screenshot when you use OpenGL)
You can use OpenGL and Game 3D Software in options

Note 23-04-2020: add FLAC support (mistake), compiled with GCC9 last SDK 3.14 (April2020)
Note 15-09-2020: add Fribidi, add OpenURL support, now platform MorphOS is official
Note 01-01-2021: add Cloud features, add file requester system features, compiled with SDK 3.16/ MOS 3.15
Note 27-02-2021: add CAMD driver, Add FLUIDSYNTH support
Note 01-05-2021: Update Fluidsynth, using JTIF system library
Note 26-05-2021: fix SDL2
Note 01-08-2021: Use external PNG library, update to last 2.3.0 01082021 GIT version
Note 09-10-2021: Update to release "Twenty years ago today..." 2.5.0
Note 12-11-2021: Git version... Kyra Fix and new GUI (beta) from ScummVM teams
Note 24-12-2021: Git version, compiled with last SDL 2.0.16, last freetype 2.11.0
Note 03-01-2022: Update to release "Californium" 2.5.1, fixes somes MorphOS bugs
add soundfont "GeneralUser GS v1.471.sf2" in extras
Note 24-03-2022: Git version 24032022, build with last SDL 2.0.20, last freetype 2.11.1, fribidi
Include gui-icon.dat, add virtual keyboard support

Upload Date:Mar 24 2022
Size:194 MB
Last Comments
29 Nov 2021
En effet bug avec les png, je mettrais à dispo une mise à jour prochaine du 2.6.0GIT, merci pour ton retour.
29 Nov 2021
j ai l'impression que certains jeux ne fonctionnent plus
ex: broken sword 2.5
error while reading png
faut il faire une manipulation quelconque?
bon boulot sinon