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Description:A simple and unpolished 3D object viewer for VideoScape .geo files
Short: 3D object viewer for VideoScape .geo files
Author: Lazi
Uploader: Lazi
Type: gfx/3d
Version: 1.0
Architecture: m68k-amigaos; ppc-amigaos; ppc-morphos; i386-aros
Requires: MUI-Royale Hollywood plug-in (included), RTG

ShowGeo is a simple and unpolished 3D object viewer for VideoScape .geo files.
It is a simple 3D polygon format. My current 3D 'engine' is implemented in Hollywood and lacks vital functionality. It will correctly display konvex objects if it has suitable oriented polygons. Other cases will hurt the eye :)

The main reason behind this release is to showcase the capabilities of the new MUI Royale plugin for Hollywood.

Hollywood is a multimedia oriented programming language for Amiga operating systems with lots of unique features. MUI Royale is the latest extension of the language which enables the creation of dynamic MUI user interfaces. (more info: www.hollywood-mal.com)

68k and Aros versions are untested.

Mails, bug reports, ideas should go to here: (lazi at freemail dot hu)

(c) 2013 by Lazi

Upload Date:Jul 06 2024
Size:1 MB
Last Comments
06 Jul 2024
Old archive, seems the software doesn't start if iconic hollywood plugin is present in sys:libs/hollywood...