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Description:OS4 API wrapper
Developer/Porter:Ilkka Lehtoranta
Short: OS4 API wrapper
Author: ilkleht@isoveli.org (Ilkka Lehtoranta)
Uploader: polluks+aminet sdf lonestar org (Stefan Haubenthal)
Type: misc/emu
Version: 2.0
Replaces: misc/emu/OS4Emu_1.8.lha
Architecture: ppc-morphos
URL: http://amigazeux.net/os4emu/

This is the OS4 API emulator for MorphOS. It is not complete but quite
a number of OS4 native programs run.

What is new in 2.0

· Enhanced newlib.library
· Implements OS 4.1 64bit DOS functionality
· Implements OS 4.1 Exec functionality
· Implements OS 4.1 Picasso96 functionality
· Improved general compatibility
· Fixed ELF loader

64bit DOS calls are supported in MorphOS 1.x but file size is limited to 2GB.
In MorphOS 2.x native 64bit DOS calls are used.

AltiVec is supported only in MorphOS 2.

Old ELF loader had lots of bugs and certain relocations in executables were
calculated incorrectly causing runtime crashes. It also supports more relocation
types and "file not executable" problem should be gone now. Dynamic linking is
not supported.

Picasso96 now implements p96WritePixelArray() and emulation is now complete.

Warp3d.library allows running only some OS4 native Warp3D programs and it only covers
functions up to version 4. Warp3D Nova extensions are not supported.

Application.library is only experimental and is included for testing purposes only.


Use supplied installer script or copy os4kernel.library and os4loader.library
to LIBS: and OS4Emu launcher tool and PatchLoadSegOS4 to C:.

To run OS4 native software you type "OS4EMU <os4exe> <params>" or run
PatchLoadSegOS4 in User-Startup. Once patch is running you can start
OS4 native software directly from Ambient.

When using OS4EMU launcher you can use "??" to get help from OS4 native

Currently following library or device interfaces are supported:

ahi.device (new in 1.2) installed version
amigainput.library (new in 1.5) 51.0
application.library (new in 1.9) 51.0
asl.library (new in 1.2) 51.0
asyncio.library (new in 1.6) installed version
bsdsocket.library (new in 1.3) 4.0
cgxvideo.library (new in 1.5) installed version
commodities.library (new in 1.4) installed version
console.device (new in 1.3) installed version
cybergraphics.library (new in 1.2) installed version
datatypes.library (new in 1.1) 51.0
diskfont.library (new in 1.3) installed version
dos.library 51.0
exec.library installed version
expansion.library (new in 1.7) 51.0
gadtools.library (new in 1.2) 51.0
graphics.library (new in 1.1) 51.0
icon.library (new in 1.3) 51.0
iffparse.library (new in 1.4) installed version
intuition.library (new in 1.1) 51.0
keymap.library (new in 1.2) 51.0
layers.library (new in 1.2) installed version
locale.library (new in 1.1) 51.0
lowlevel.library (new in 1.6) 51.0
muimaster.library (new in 1.3) installed version
newlib.library (new in 1.9) 3.11
picasso96api.library (new in 1.1) 2.0
rexxsyslib.library (new in 1.4) installed version
timer.device (new in 1.1) installed version
usergroup.library (new in 1.7) installed version
utility.library 51.0
warp3d.library (new in 1.9) 51.0
workbench.library (new in 1.2) 51.0
xpkmaster.library (new in 1.5) installed version

Other devices are accessible via Exec I/O

In addition following ClassAct/Reaction classes are supported:

arexx.class 51.0
bevel.image (new in 1.6) 51.0
bitmap.image 51.0
button.gadget 51.0
checkbox.gadget 51.0
chooser.gadget 51.0
clicktab.gadget (new in 1.5) installed version
colorwheel.gadget (new in 1.7) 51.0
drawlist.image (new in 1.7) 51.0
fuelgauge.gadget (new in 1.6) 51.0
getfile.gadget 51.0
getfont.gadget 51.0
getscreenmode.gadget installed version
glyph.image (new in 1.6) 51.0
integer.gadget (new in 1.6) 51.0
label.image 51.0
layout.gadget 51.0
listbrowser.gadget 51.0
radiobutton.gadget (new in 1.5) installed version
requester.class (new in 1.5) 51.0
scroller.gadget 51.0
slider.gadget (new in 1.7) 51.0
space.gadget 51.0
string.gadget 51.0
texteditor.gadget installed version
textfield.gadget installed version
window.class 51.0

Support for ClassAct/Reaction was introduced in version 1.4.

The string "installed version" mean library version depends on
your MorphOS installation. Version number 51.0 doesn't mean all
function calls are implemented or supported.

There are now 61 supported interfaces in total.

Version history

· Version 1.9 (01.09.2006)
- added interfaces for newlib.library, warp3d.library and application.library
- improved general compatibility

· Version 1.6 (05.02.2005)
- added interfaces for asyncio.library, lowlevel.library,
bevel.image, fuelgauge.gadget, glyph.image and integer.gadget
- added public API calls to os4loader.library
- better Reaction compatibility

· Version 1.5 (16.1.2005)
- AmigaInput emulation
- Requester.class emulation
- added interfaces for clicktab.gadget and radiobutton.gadget
- asl.library and utility.library promoted to version 51.0

· Version 1.4 (19.12.2004)
- Reaction/ClassAct support
- new interfaces for iffparse, rexxsyslib and commodities
- bugfixes

· Version 1.3 (12.12.2004)
- MUI is supported now
- new interfaces for bsdsocket, console, diskfont, icon and mui
- fixed CreateNewProc() in IDOS
- fixed AHI emulation

· Version 1.2 (05.12.2004)
- new os4loader.library
- new command to patch MorphOS LoadSeg()
- fixed NewList() in IExec
- fixed GetProgramName() in IDOS
- added gadtools, asl, cgx, layers, ahi and
workbench interfaces

· Version 1.1 (28.11.2004)
- new libraries and devices

Upload Date:Apr 09 2020
Size:199 KB
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