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Description:ARexx command/function reference (AGuide)
Developer/Porter:Ernest Unrau
Short: ARexx command/function reference (AGuide)
Author: ejunrau@mts.net (Ernest Unrau)
Uploader: ejunrau@mts.net (Ernest Unrau)
Type: docs/help
Version: 1.32
Replaces: docs/help/arexxreference.lha
Architecture: generic
Date: 2009-07-22

ARexx command and function reference document ver. 1.32 in amigaguide format.

Created by:

Ernest Unrau
Morden, Manitoba
email: ejunrau@mts.net


This reference guide is Update Version 1.32, 22-Jul-2009. It was
created in Amigaguide format to serve as a compact, online reference
tool for the Amiga version of the REXX scripting language.

This document is freeware and may be freely redistributed as long as
the copyright notice is left intact. It is not original other than
design and concept, and is intended as an on-line reference tool drawn
from the Commodore/Amiga International system software manuals. No
warranty is expressed or implied with respect to its accuracy or
fitness for use. It would be appreciated, however, that any errors
or suggestions be reported back to the author/compiler.

-version 1.32, 22-Jul-2009: minor editing changes.

-version 1.31, 12-Feb-2009: added reference notes for additional
undocumented functions in rexxsupport.library.

-version 1.30, 31-Aug-2008: added reference note for undocumented DELAY()
function in rexxsupport.library. Internal revision only.

-version 1.29. Internal revision only.

-version 1.28, 26-Jul-2007: Corrected nodes sort on instructions page.

-version 1.27, 23-Jul-2007: more formatting changes and improvements
including: syntax documentation and undocumented defaults for BITAND(),
BITOR(), and BITXOR(), TIME(), and TRACE().

-version 1.26, 19-Jul-2007: BITAND() examples; TIME() reformatted; SIGN()
corrected; SPACE() function expanded; digits argument available for D2C();
more option links for trace(); examples for verify()

-version 1.25, 13-Jul-2007: minor changes, such as expanded NOP, PROCEDURE.

-version 1.24, 13-Jul-2007: added index link; updated d2x() and x2d() functions.

-version 1.23, 18-Mar-2007: updated contact info

-version 1.22, 01-Jun-2005: Added code module section

-version 1.21, 12-Apr-2005: fixed missing "'" in Translate() example code

-version 1.20, 30-Dec-2004: added example code for RXSET in RexxC section

-version 1.19, 35-Sep-2004: added "Tips" section

-version 1.18, 06-Sep-2004: Minor formatting changes

-version 1.17, 24-May-2004: fixed wording for Hash() function.
Example code for procedure, call(), parse
Tips for Call() and arg()

-version 1.16, 31-Mar-2004: clarified result returned for trace()

-version 1.15, 29-Mar-2004: typographic corrections on "about" page.

-version 1.14, 15-Jan-2004: minor syntax errors corrected.

-version 1.13, 08-Aug-2003: added example code to parse by position;
changed function reference to four column layout instead of five to better
fit screen.

-version 1.12, 21-Nov-1998: added instructions "PUSH" and "QUEUE". These
were not included in the instruction section of the manuals that came with
Workbench 2.05 but instead were appended, consequently these two commands
were missed when compiling this Arexx Reference guide.

-version 1.11, 08-Feb-1998: minor documention errors corrected.

-version 0 (version number not included): completed first document
Dec. 20, 1994

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