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Description:Turbo Assembler Macro.
Developer/Porter:Stefan Haubenthal
Short: Cross assembler targeting the 65xx
Author: soci@c64.rulez.org (Soci/Singular), port by uploader
Uploader: polluks+aminet sdf lonestar org (Stefan Haubenthal)
Type: dev/cross
Version: 1.54 r1900
Architecture: ppc-morphos
URL: http://tass64.sourceforge.net

Usage: 64tass [OPTIONS...] SOURCES
64tass Turbo Assembler Macro V1.54.1900

-a, --ascii Source is not in PETASCII
-B, --long-branch Automatic bxx *+3 jmp $xxxx
-C, --case-sensitive Case sensitive labels
-D <label>=<value> Define <label> to <value>
-E, --error=<file> Place errors into <file>
-I <path> Include search path
-M <file> Makefile dependencies to <file>
-q, --quiet Do not output summary and header
-T, --tasm-compatible Enable TASM compatible mode
-w, --no-warn Suppress warnings
--no-caret-diag Suppress source line display

Diagnostic options:
-Wall Enable most diagnostic warnings
-Werror Diagnostic warnings to errors
-Werror=<name> Make a diagnostic to an error
-Wno-error=<name> Make a diagnostic to a warning
-Walias Warn about instruction aliases
-Waltmode Warn about alternative addressing
-Wbranch-page Warn if a branch crosses a page
-Wcase-symbol Warn on mismatch of symbol case
-Wimmediate Suggest immediate addressing
-Wimplied-reg No implied register aliases
-Wleading-zeros Warn for ignored leading zeros
-Wlong-branch Warn when a long branch is used
-Wno-deprecated No deprecated feature warnings
-Wno-float-compare No approximate compare warnings
-Wno-ignored No directive ignored warnings
-Wno-jmp-bug No jmp ($xxff) bug warning
-Wno-label-left No warning about strange labels
-Wno-mem-wrap No offset overflow warning
-Wno-page No page crossing error
-Wno-pc-wrap No PC overflow warning
-Wno-pitfalls No common pitfall notes
-Wno-portable No portability warnings
-Wno-star-assign No label multiply warnings
-Wold-equal Warn about old equal operator
-Woptimize Optimization warnings
-Wshadow Check symbol shadowing
-Wstrict-bool No implicit bool conversions
-Wswitch-case Warn about ignored cases
-Wunused Warn about unused symbols
-Wunused-macro Warn about unused macros
-Wunused-const Warn about unused consts
-Wunused-label Warn about unused labels
-Wunused-variable Warn about unused variables

Output selection:
-o, --output=<file> Place output into <file>
--output-section=<n> Output this section only
-b, --nostart Strip starting address
-f, --flat Generate flat output file
-n, --nonlinear Generate nonlinear output file
-X, --long-address Use 3 byte start/len address
--cbm-prg Output CBM program file
--atari-xex Output Atari XEX file
--apple-ii Output Apple II file
--intel-hex Output Intel HEX file
--s-record Output Motorola S-record file

Target CPU selection:
--m65xx Standard 65xx (default)
-c, --m65c02 CMOS 65C02
--m65ce02 CSG 65CE02
-e, --m65el02 65EL02
-i, --m6502 NMOS 65xx
-t, --m65dtv02 65DTV02
-x, --m65816 W65C816
--mr65c02 R65C02
--mw65c02 W65C02
--m4510 CSG 4510

Source listing and labels:
-l, --labels=<file> List labels into <file>
--vice-labels Labels in VICE format
--dump-labels Dump for debugging
--labels-root=<l> List from scope <l> only
-L, --list=<file> List into <file>
-m, --no-monitor Don't put monitor code into listing
-s, --no-source Don't put source code into listing
--line-numbers Put line numbers into listing
--tab-size=<n> Override the default tab size (8)
--verbose-list List unused lines as well

-?, --help Give this help list
--usage Give a short usage message
-V, --version Print program version

Mandatory or optional arguments to long options are also mandatory or optional
for any corresponding short options.

Report bugs to <soci@c64.rulez.org>.

Upload Date:Mar 19 2020
Size:1 MB
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