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Description:A new spreadsheet for MorphOS.
Developer/Porter:Marcus Sackrow
The summary of the long weekend, very funny tool already, Excel (xls, xlsx) and Open/LibreOffice (ods) loading works nicely,
it already draws right, left and center aligned, with background and colors, also the calculation works as it should be and
I implemented the multiple Worksheets selector. It’s much faster now, because it only redraws the cells which were changed
(especially when dragging the cell border or selecting cells)
So I made a little “Release”, it’s just everything hammered together, still VERY buggy! for sure. just call “Leu <your file>”
if you call without a file you get an empty playground where you can type your own stuff into, but formats and so on are
not available.

Have fun!
Marcus 'ALB42' Sackrow
Upload Date:Feb 09 2020
Size:9 MB
Last Comments
24 Jul 2022
I tried to load an ebay monthly account as .csv but Leu v0.08 only managed to load 2 cells, and they were some way down the spreadsheet in cells A19 and A33, but no other data loaded in any of the other columns. The .csv file loads correctly in TurboCalc 4, from cells in rows A1 to A16, and across to column AK, automatically. So, it seems there is some issue with Leu v0.8 that needs addressing to fix the current issue(s).

The examples you provide do seem to load as they should but this external .csv file does not, but loads OK in TurboCalc v4, so I will continue to try to use it, but I am not so confident that the data file will be interpreted correctly at this stage of development, but thanks so far, Marcus, for your efforts.