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Description:Joseph Hewitt's old sci-fi roguelike set on an abandoned space station
Developer/Porter:Marcus Sackrow
DeadCold for MorphOS

Source can be found at: https://github.com/alb42/deadcold

Joseph Hewitt's old sci-fi roguelike set on an abandoned space station

How to play:
Choose "Start New Game" (cursor keys, press Enter to accept)
On the next Page Choose your class (Cursor keys, press Enter to accept, Esc roll new stats)
Type in your heros name. (Enter to accept)

Startup message appears, press Enter to continue

Now you are inside the game
meaning of chars on the screen:
@ is you
. is free space
# wall
| wall
+ closed door
: open door
, item on the floor
^ trap
& computer console
chars are usually animals or roboter, mostly enemies, some not

you can inspect everything on the screen by pressin '/' and move
the pointer to the thing you want to know what it is.

In game press '?' for key help.

some important default keys:

cursor keys or num block (7,9,1,3 for diagonal movement)
',' to take an item on the ground (you must stand on a ',')
'R' Recenter and redraw the screen (useful on)
'M' Minimap
'/' Look around
's' search for traps or secret doors

move towards the enemy for melee attack
'a' to aim with your range weapon, select your enemy, press enter to shoot
when weapon is empty, open inventory ('i', select bullets and press enter)
't' to throw a grenade if you have any, (be careful about the blast radius)

'o' to open a door you stand next to
'c' to close it, if more than one is close by you have to press the direction to open.

'i' Inventory
'e' clothes weapons

all other check Help page in game '?'

Compiled with FreePascal for Amiga Systems.
Upload Date:Jan 03 2020
Size:149 KB
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