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Description:Chess program compatible with UCI chess engines
Developer/Porter:Domenico Lattanzi
Amifish is a chess program made to play chess with the Amiga, exploiting the power of one of the most powerful chess engines of the world: Stockfish, developed by Tord Romstad, Marco Costalba, Joona Kiiski and Gary Linscott. A chess engine is a console program who play chess, receiving strings as commands and producing strings in output as result of computation. Stockfish and much others engines are compatible with a standard named UCI (Universal Chess Interface). A chess engine doesn't show graphic, nor play sound. Its task is to compute moves. For the Amiga, some chess engine was ported, but its use in a shell isn't so handy for all users, so this program has been made.

This is a light program for amateurs, is made to have fun with chess, with only the most common options implemented. In future releases, this program can be improved with other functionalities, with expert options also.

To play against the computer, a chess engine is needed, to be downloaded from another location.

Amifish is released as freeware and can be distributed in every non-commercial form.


At date of release of Amifish 1.0, Pr�dateur 2.2.1 is the only chess engine who can be used under Amifish. No MorphOS version of Stockfish is available! So, would be very useful if some MorphOS programmer makes a porting of Stockfish for MorphOS. Existing Amiga versions of Stockfish can be found at these locations:



These versions are a good starting point to make a porting of Stockfish for MorphOS. Is suggested to study the makefile of the sources included in the packages, and adapt it to a MorphOS compiler.

Every Amiga programmer interested to get involved can contact the author of Amifish to have more complete versions of Stockfish, who can exploit opening books and endgame tablebases, in order to compile them under their Amiga platforms. These versions will be supported in future Amifish releases, so to give to the Amiga community a modern chess program.

Upload Date:Dec 25 2019
Size:1 MB
Last Comments
Domenico Lattanzi
04 Apr 2021
I found this version of Stockfish very interesting to be ported to the Amiga, CFish, which is a port of Stockfish from the C ++ language to the C language:


Anyone want to do this port?