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Description:AmigaDOS commands for MorphOS to bench PPC cpus.
Developer:Dino Papararo
Short: AmigaDOS commands for AmigaOS4 and MorphOS to bench PPC cpus.
Author: Dino Papararo (Dino.Papararo@GMail.com)
Uploader: Dino Papararo (Dino.Papararo@GMail.com)
Type: util/cli
Version: 1.1 (07-Dic-2019)
Replaces: WhetDhryStone.lha
Requires: AmigaOS4 or MorphOS compatible Amiga computer
Architecture: ppc-amigaos; ppc-morphos

Vintage benchmarks adapted for Amiga like computers - (re)coded by Dino Papararo (Fl@sh)
AmigaDOS4/MorphOS binaries to bench PowerPc CPUs speed.

For Dhrystone benchs there are two versions of binaries based on V1 and V2 classic algorithms

For Whetstone benchs there are two versions of binaries based on V1 and V2 classic algorithms

For Sieve benchs there is only a version of binaries, based on classic algorithm of byte magazine

C Source codes are included.
Developed and tested under MorphOS (PowerMac G5 quad - GCC v9) and OS4 (QEMU/WinUAE GCC v8).
The program is heavily based on the classic sources codes presents over internet, changes are minimal
and targeted only for a better compile (GCC) under amigalike systems and focused mainly on timing code.
Optimizations are minimal (Gcc -O1) targeted to produce only better asm code without change algorithms.
Some tests for OS4 runs well under MorphOS via OS4EMU ;-)

To do:
add some other vintage benchmark
recompile sources also for os1.x/2.x/3.x amigaos
buikd a new program to control all single benchs and elaborate single results in one screen

New in v1.1 version
added Sieve benchmark based on "byte magazine"

New in v1.0 version
first version released!

Amiga Rulez!

Upload Date:Dec 08 2019
Size:720 KB
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