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Description:An OpenStreetMap Viewer.
Developer/Porter:Marcus Sackrow
MUI Mapparium 0.8

by Marcus "ALB42" Sackrow

OpenStreetMap Viewer for all Amiga systems
written with FreePascal for Amiga Systems.

This is a speed optimized version implemented with native
MUI (no LCL wrapper used as the common Mapparium).
It only contains the basic map showing functions.

Much things still missing.
Zoom with Mouse wheel or double click, if you don't have
a mouse wheel you must use the menu entry.



* Use Shift for fast scrolling in Map
* Amiga + F to jump directly to Search bar
* Updated search url
* Updated IP search url
* jump automatically to first search entry
* use latest fpc -> 68k optimizations


* BugFix: Search Function
* BugFix: Saving Route without calculating a Route
* Set current maps position and zoom as start position for the program
* Remember open status and active page of Side Panel
* Configure Color of WayPoints
* Export Map as PNG Image
* Export Route as HTML File
* Export TrackPlot as PNG Image
* Export Track as HTML File
* Load EXIF of Photos
* Show Photo position on Map
* Simple Photo viewer
* AREXX commands for adding photos to list
* Help for AREXX commands


* BugFix: OS4 ToolType reading
* BugFix: Track plot enabling
* BugFix: Deleting Tiles
* Update Checking
* Amiga Guide manual
* About MUI Menu Entry
* About Window
* Reopen Statistics Window on start if left open on quit
* Set color for Tracks and Routes
* Show Route Orders jump to position
* Block redrawing when moving map (prevents map jumping)
* Faster Image Download
* Choose double click map feature lists mode
* Popup menu for all map feature lists
* ASCII Export for plot
* Calculate Routes with YOURS
* Include *.cd file for own translations


* Bugfix: imperial units
* Bugfix: key mapping
* Bugfix: 2nd track curve drawing
* Bugfix: Date/Time loading from GPX,KML,KMZ files
* Level of Detail for Tracks
* Precalculation of Trackpositions (Speed optimization for NonFPU systems)
* Route drawing
* Marker in Plot, shows also a marker in the Track
* Turn off Marker, Track and Route drawing via Menu
* Define Directory for Images via ToolTypes: e.g. DATADIR=DH1:TmpDir
* Change find IP to freegeoip.net (old one is too slow currently)
* FPU Version


* Basic Plot module for Trackcurves (Height, slope, speed)
* Plot popupmenu, Zoom, Data Readout
* Support for imperial units
* in-map GUI (Zoom In/Out, Side Panel)
* OS4 mouse wheel
* Keybinding for map (+,-, cursor keys)
* Bugfix: AROS disabled Edit
* BugFix: Amiga redrawing error


* AROS64
* Localization
* more precise position calculation
* AREXX Port


* WayPoints
* Tracks
* Load Tracks/WayPoints GPX, TCX, KML, KMZ, FIT
* Save Tracks/WayPoints GPX


* Complete new implementation with native MUI GUI
* small as possible GUI
* much faster own drawing routines

Upload Date:Dec 01 2019
Size:577 KB
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