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Description:IRC client
Developer/Porter:James Carroll
Short: IRC client (Internet Relay Chat)
Author: James Carroll
Uploader: James Carroll <james carroll xnet co nz>
Type: comm/irc
Version: 2.11
Replaces: comm/irc/WookieChat2.10_MOS.lha
Requires: MUI
Architecture: ppc-morphos

- AmigaOS3.x/4.0, AROS, or MorphOS. WookieChat itself requires about
1.7mb of free RAM to launch.

- MUI 3.8+, or Zune. MUI 3.8 for AmigaOS3.x is not included with this
archive, but can be found on aminet. AmigaOS4 and MorphOS already have MUI
installed as standard. Also, AROS has its MUI replacement "Zune" installed
as standard too.

- MUI Custom Classes: NList.mcc, NListtree.mcc, BetterString.mcc. Native
versions of these classes are provided for OS3.x, OS4 and MorphOS.
AROS should have these classes as standard.

What does this program do?
It allows you to connect to Internet Relay Chat networks (IRC!) and chat
with other users in a text medium in real-time. Some of the server groups
are preconfigured to join an Amiga chat channel upon sucessful connection.
There is some documentation now to help explain WookieChat commands,
and hopefully make the program easier to understand for people new to IRC.

Some WookieChat features include..
- Multiple server support
- "Perform on connect" scripts and channel auto-joins
- Automatic Nickserv login
- Tabs for channels and private conversations
- Incoming and Outgoing DCC SEND file transfers
- Colours for different events
- Logging and automatic reloading of logs
- mIRC colour code filters
- Configurable timestamps
- GUI for changing channel modes easily
- Configurable highlight keywords
- URL Grabber window
- Optional outgoing swear word filter
- Event sounds for tabs opening, highlighted words, and private messages
- DCC CHAT support
- Doubleclickable URL's
- Support for multiple languages using LOCALE
- Clone detection
- Auto reconnection to Servers upon disconnection
- Command aliases
- Chat display can be toggled between AmIRC and mIRC style
- Counter for Unread messages
- Graphical nicklist and graphical smileys with a popup chooser
- User selectable charsets using codesets.library

Beta's are frequently made available to the public at:

If you want to be alerted whenever a new beta is uploaded, you can email
me at james.carroll@xnet.co.nz and ask to be added to my "Wookie Betas"

Release Notes
Graphical smileys have a transparent background under MorphOS and OS4,
but not under OS3. For this reason, I have included two additional smiley
sets with black backgrounds, and white backgrounds.

The ARexx port is very buggy. If you want to play with it, read the docs
on how to enable it. But its turned off by default due to being quite
crap. I might work on it in the future though.

When using listview-style tabs some users report crashes when enough tabs
fill the display to cause a vertical scrollbar to be created. Please change
your NList vertical scrollbar setting to "Auto" or "Always", as it seems to
crash with "Full auto".

Zune is still a bit weird with WookieChat, i.e. when configuring colours,
and when remembering window size and positions.

Some users have reported random disconnection. Turning off event sounds
can fix this. It seems the datatype system waits if it cant play audio
straight away, such as when the MAME arcade emulator is running. In this
situation, when the IRC wants a response from your machine, it doesnt get

Thanks to
Thanks (which are long overdue) go to: the people on the MUI mailing list,
robinc, itix, nicomen, xeron, uncharted, orgin, ook, and whoever else I've
missed!! for advice and programming help.. And thanks to bobson for the logo
on my website, klesterjr for the icons, and to ajk for the original program
Also, thanks to the good people at freenode #morphos and #aros for helping
me port WookieChat to those operating systems!
And also, to the people on utilitybase.com and my betatesters that test
what I'm unable to! i.e. charsets, MUI debug info, and other OS's.

Website: http://wookiechat.amigarevolution.com/

Changes 2.11
- Part messages werent working on Undernet at times because the channel
had an extra character at the start.. i.e. instead of #newzealanders it
was :#newzealanders. therefore Wookie couldnt find the right tab to put
the part message in.
- DCC has had a few bugfixes. There was a problem with not "long word
aligning" files when working with DCC. The problem only existed under
OS3 though, PPC was unaffected.
- Norwegian language catalog updated
- Added auto un-away when you type a new message while /away.
- When you're kicked from a channel that has a keyword set, WookieChat
will resend the keyword to successfully rejoin the channel

Changes 2.10
- Serious bugfix: Fixed an error followed by a crash when manually opening
private tabs to another user
- When a netsplit is repaired, mode changes by the server are now accepted
by WookieChat.
- The toggled menu items have a tick now, instead of a radio button.

Changes 2.9
- When pasting more than 2 lines of text into the display now, Wookie
will pause 1 second in between sending each line, to prevent
flooding yourself off the server (flooding yourself off means
temporarily causing loss of connection, from sending multiple lines
too fast)
- The paste delay can be configured. Save your settings in WookieChat,
then edit your settings.txt. The top two lines can be edited and is
read on startup. The default paste rate is one line per second.
- Tried to eliminate the display from being refreshed multiple times when
you switch between or close tabs. This produced a flickery effect on
faster machines, but was quite slow on slower machines.
- All tabs are now sorted when they open. So channels are grouped
together, and private tabs are grouped together.
- The tabs are sorted alphabetically by default when they open, but if
you want to disable this functionality, you can add this line to your
settings.txt file:
I've made this able to be turned on/off because a user reported that
he liked having his dev channels grouped together.
- Closing a tab doesnt cause wookie to swap to a seemingly random tab
anymore. It's logical now, it switches to the previous tab in the
display. (Added a "previous" node to my linked lists to help with
going backwards through my tab structures).
- DCC Recieve now has a "Rename" function if the file already exists.
If your settings are set to start transferring automatically when
someone offers a file, and the "Action to take if file exists" == Rename,
the file will be renamed automatically with a number appended to the end
of the filename. If you start the transfer manually, or "Action to take
if file exists" == Ask, then a file requester will appear for you to
choose your save details if you choose to Rename.
- Charsets: wookiechat doesnt need the incoming charset to be configured
exactly anymore. When someone types weird characters, wookie will scan
it for utf8 characters.. if it has those, then it'll convert it to
ascii as best an Amiga can using codesets.library. if theres none, then
it'll just use codesets.library Codesets_FindBest() function.
- Bugfix: Double clicking on a URL was writing the URL "work string" to
nothing, and probably trashing memory somewhere.
- Added new sound option for highlight notifications (play sample only
when highlight is in an inactive tab)
- Fixed a crash under /list when copying text to clipboard using the
multicolumn clipboard marking hook.
- Fixed the problem with status columns in the nicklist becoming skinny
when using graphical nicklists, and then saving/using your prefs in the
Main Settings window.
- Added a "mute all sound" menu item in the Settings pull down menu, for
when you want to IRC quietly. It's also useful for when playing XMAME
games, because it seems like it ties up the audio and causes Wookie's
sound datatype triggers to pause until the audio is free (which will
disconnect you until you close XMAME).
- "Download path" information is displayed in the Incoming File Transfers
window again, and is also displayed when you finish recieving a file. e.g:
[DCC] Finished recieving DH2:Coding/WookieChat/Andrew_doing_push_ups.MOV [16495986 bytes] from jahctest. Transfer time: 00:00:03. Average speed: 5297.2kB/s
- When you remove DCC entrys from the Incoming and Outgoing windows,
Wookie now removes those structures from memory too, instead of waiting
until exit before doing the structure cleanup.
- If a DCC entry in the file transfer windows had text that was too wide
for one of its columns, it was word wrapping and causing the entry to
span two lines. This caused errors and weirdness with the way I handle my
file transfers. I had forgotten to use NOWRAP in all of my "Replace Entry"
methods. It should now work nicely.
- The maxlength of the string gadget has been raised from 3,000 to 10,000
- The chat buffer size is no longer limited to a configurable amount. This
was causing instability. For example, if you had a buffer limited to
800 lines, line 1 would be removed when line 801 was added, to keep
a maximum of 800 lines in the buffer at once. But the RemoveEntry
method was causing instability and I dont know why. For now, it has
been removed. Use the "Clear" or "Clear all" options from the pull
down menu for now.
- Fixed incorrect MUI object cleanup in the close tabs function. It
was slightly unstable under MorphOS. Thank you Geit for that wonderful
MUI v4 debug output!
- The "Connected/Disconnected |from Server" messages no longer cause the
unread messages counter to go up or turn the "activity" level to red
- Main Settings window looks a lot better now
- Added a fallback option for the codesets.library support, so it
should work better now since I started using Codesets_FindBest()
- The "Download Path:" prefs have been moved from the "Incoming File
Transfers" window to the DCC group in the Main Settings window.
- Added a default "Upload path" to the DCC settings
- Adding/Editing entries to the Ignore List was broken for non-english
language users. Thank you for reporting this error, Torn!
- Fixed minor bug with mode gadget notifies. Clicking on the same
channel twice was killing the mode gadget notifications temporarily,
until you changed to a different channel and back to the original
one again.
- When you have one channel left open and you try to close it, it
currently parts the channel but leaves the tab open with the text
(none) in the button. If you had server tabs disabled, joining another
channel would put its contents in that existing tab. With server
tabs enabled, joining a new tab would open a second tab instead of
joining the channel in the first empty (none) tab. I've now fixed
- When double clicking on an entry in the nicklist or selecting a
nicklist popup menu item, it will now cause the selected nicklist
entries to become deselected after it performs the command.
- Added: Just after midnight, WookieChat will now display the current
date and time in the display and logfiles. Very useful for when
reading through long logfiles, and also for those of us who leave IRC
unattended for days.
- Crashes would occur when pasting 20/30 lines of channel buffer into the
chat string gadget, then pressing cursor up to save the current text
into the history buffer. I now use strncpy() here to limit the copy to
the history buffer's maximum size, 800 characters
- If you accidentally type <part of a nick><space><tab key> it used to
display the first nick in the nicklist after the space. Now it will
do nothing. It wasnt really a problem I ever thought about until a
friend started experiencing this issue on a regular basis. Thank you
RBrown! :)
- Serious bugfix: it was possible before to write text outside of the
buffer when there was a lot of traffic coming in fast.

Changes 2.8
- Fixed an error with disposing of a datatype sound object. It caused
crashing under MorphOS if this sound was played repeatedly and quickly.
The object is now disposed of then allocated again when prefs are
retrieved, rather when Wookie needs to play the sound.

Upload Date:Oct 11 2019
Size:1 MB
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