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Description:Text adventure with GUI.
Developer/Porter:Anbjorn Myren
Short: Text adventure with GUI
Author: anbjorn.myren at gmail.com (Anbjorn Myren)
Uploader: anbjorn myren gmail com (Anbjorn Myren)
Type: game/text
Architecture: ppc-MorphOS

Deserted House version 1.09
This archive contains the MorphOS binary.

First this was made a self-education project to learn some Blitz Basic/AmiBlitz. So at first I was aiming as just a simple text adventure.
Later the project grew and GUI was added, and later some graphics as well.
The Blitz version was released together with the AmiKitXE release. Then titled "Abandoned House".
Later the game have been ported to Hollywood, and some more graphics was added. Now it is available for all Amiga systems,
as well as Android, available on the google play store. Title have been changed to Deserted House, due to that the title name already existed on Android.

Unpack the archive to any location and run it.
Just make sure the images and save folder are copied along to the same folder as the executable.

How to play:
After reading the background story there will be a GUI that should be pretty much self explaining.
There are buttons for every possible action, and some message strings in the main window.
Here is a short explaining of the buttons,
Information : Will pop up a window with some useful information about the current location of your character.
North, South, East, West: As you migh expect, these are navigation buttons. These buttons are initially diabled (grayed out).
Toggle: There are one toggle button to the left of the inventory string, and another to the left of the object string.
Use: Pressing this will try to use the current inventory item og the selected object.
Drop: To drop items from your inventory.
Examine: Will pop up a window with information about the selected object.
Pickup: Will try to pick up selected object to the inventory.

The menu:
From the main window one can right click to access the title menu. There is also a Menu button on screen, that will give the same options.
This button was added for the Android version, but was kept for desktop systems as well.
Save and Load will do just that, save the progress of the current game.
Game can only be saved when the player is outdoors. Note that saving the game will overwrite previous saves.

Donations are welcome. And for those who wish to do that, please do so by purchasing the game at google play for a small fee.

Upload Date:Aug 09 2019
Size:3 MB
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