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Description:OrangeFTPd V1,2, freeware FTP daemon.
Developer/Porter:Steven Vos
Short: OrangeFTPd V1,2, freeware FTP daemon
Author: fgrira@gmail.com (Steven Vos)
Uploader: Steven Vos
Type: comm/tcp
Version: 1.2
Requires: dev/mui/MCC_NList-0.119.lha
Architecture: ppc-morphos >= 3.2.0

Looking for a stand-alone, not-very-much hassle FTPd for MorphOS? Then look no
further and feast your eyes (and your FTPd'ing needs) on OrangeFTPd 1.2,
guaranteed to work by me and the one person who tested it for me.

The program is standalone, but needs the NList custom classes for MUI.

Upload Date:Jul 28 2019
Size:35 KB
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