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This small script force delitracker to NOT use the Paula-NotePlayer,
using the AHI-NotePlayer instead.
Copy it to your Delitracker directory.
and Start It with RexxMast running. (Yes it uses the power of Arexx)

Requirements :
* RexxMast running,
* Play At start turned off in Deliplayer config,
* AHI-NotePLayer Installed.

Configuration :
* if you want to activate Play at start then edit the script and
un-comment line 12 (remove ";" at the start of the line),
* if you don't want to activate play at start then edit the script
and make sure line 12 is commented (";" at the begining of the line).

Remark :
* the play at start workaround make delitracker play the first module
of the playlist, so if it's a module, it will play directly, if it's a
dir, the directory will be loaded in playlist and then a module will
start (the first or a random one depending on your settings).
* You still have to sort the working deliplayers. Most used works, but
exotic are... erm let's say 'bad' :)
Upload Date:Jul 03 2019
Size:4 KB
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