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Description:This politely multitasking program will play all popular sound program modules available on the amiga.
Developer/Porter:F.Riffel, P.Kunath
Short: Final Amiga Version, now Freeware
Author: support@delitracker.com
Uploader: support delitracker com
Type: mus/play
Version: V2.32 (06-Aug-00)
Replaces: mus/play/DeliTracker227*
Architecture: m68k-amigaos
Distribution: NoCD




2.32 (release date 06 Aug 2000)


Frank Riffel

Peter Kunath


This politely multitasking program will play all popular sound program
modules available on the amiga. Currently it supports over 150 (!)
different module formats plus one special format for modules which contain
their own player. ProTracker and PT-like players are internal; additional
players are loaded from disk. That means you can very easily add/update
players by placing them into the DeliPlayers directory.

There are many reasons for using DeliTracker; here is only a small list:

system friendly and multitasks happily
allocates the sound channels
supports more than 150 different module formats
correct playspeed in PAL/NTSC (uses timer.device)
does not interfere with modem use
supports xpkmaster.library for decrunching
can play mods from fastmem
provides random play & songend detection
converts many pt-clones back to protracker
has sizeable scopes
decrunches lha-files
full Arexx support
supports module lists
pubscreen support
hotkey (commoditiy)
enforcer and mungwall proof
supports full CLI or workbench (tooltypes) environment
uses gadtools.library for layout
supports the Toccata and the MaestroPro soundboard


This package is Freeware. There's no need to register. Thanks to all
registered users for their support!
A note about freeware: free doesn't mean free of rights, ie. Public
Domain. Freeware is only free of charge, but still copyrighted.


This is the final DeliTracker Version for the Amiga, there won't be any
more updates. The development is now continued on the PC. The official
Homepage of the Windows version is www.deliplayer.com

This package includes many updated and/or previously unreleased players
and genies. Some of them can be found in the Bonus directory (most of
them are not installed by the installer script, so don't forget to
examine this directory carefully!). A few interesting files are still
missing, e.g. a player for DigiBoosterPro modules can be found in the
official distribution. Also missing is Peter Mattsson's DeliSid4Amiga,
a DeliTracker interface for the excellent Sid4Amiga by Paul Heams. And
finally, Christian Buchner's ADPCM-Player, Achim H�rtel's PokeyNoise
and Nicolas Pomarede's MYST YM2149 emulator player can be found on
Aminet. More players (3rd party) can be downloaded from ExoticA (the
URL of ExoticA as of this writing is http://exotica.fix.no, but will
undoubtedly change again;-)).

Important: if you do not use the installer script and install DeliTracker
by hand then you *must* replace all PC multichannel tracker players (ie.
IT, Poly, S3M and XM) with the new versions included in this distribution.
The old players are not fully compatible with this release and might crash
your system otherwise.

Please note that the docs (especially the french translation, the player
and genie documentation) are partially outdated or incomplete. Some notes:
the new TFMX player supports all known TFMX modules, the TFMX_1.5, TFMX_Pro
and TFMX_7V players are no longer needed. The Hippel_7V player is obsolete,
the modules are now handled by the Converter genie and the Hippel-COSO
player. The THX player has been renamed to AHX (it handles 1.x and 2.x
modules). The new SoundControl player supports 3.x - 5.x modules and
replaces all old SoundControl players.

Users with a fast Amiga should take a look at the SASC/SHSC xpk libraries
(look for `xha.lha' on Aminet). The libs offer very good compression and
have special modes for packing sample data.

Big thanks must go to Chris Hodges for improving the 14Bit-NotePlayer
and several players. Everyone with an 020+ Amiga is highly recommended
to install his improved genie instead of the original one (the genie
can be found in the Bonus directory). It's also a must have if you've
a soundcard.

Last minute update: added "font <name.font>" option which can be used
to specify a font (only 8 point, non-proportional fonts are allowed, e.g.
"FONT=topaz.font"). If the font cannot be found (the font name is case
sensitive!) or doesn't fit the requirements, the default font (topaz 8)
is used.

Many thanks to Gaelan Griffin for sending me a bunch of updated players
shortly before release and lots of debugging/beta-testing.

Special thanks to Jan Krolzig for testing lots of beta players and genies.

Thanks to the Wanted Team for player support. Don Adan is very good about
uploading his players to Aminet as soon as they are finished. So don't
forget to check Aminet once in a while.

Upload Date:Dec 28 2016
Size:1 MB
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