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Description:A JFIF,BMP,ILBM,ZX.SCR viewer.
Developer/Porter:Maxim Ilyin
Short: JFIF,BMP,ILBM,ZX.SCR viewer
Author: imax9{AT}yandex{DOT}ru (Maxim Ilyin)
Uploader: imax9.yandex.ru (Maxim Ilyin)
Type: gfx/show
Version: 1.996
Requires: CGX v41
Architecture: m68k-amigaos;ppc-morphos

miJFIF is a JFIF, BMP 8/24/32bit, ILBM, ZX.SCR viewer for 68k AOS and MOS
with CGX and 1Mb or more memory.
The main aim of this prog was a fast JFIF decode.

ASL files requester added. You can type these commands with cli:
DEBUG - debug info output;
TIME - time of show image;
SM=SCREENMODE - number of ModeID (for AOS only DECIMAL);
VS=VSCREEN - switch to virtual screen;
FTS - switch FitToScreen.

Example for Dopus4 under MOS:
mj TIME DEBUG VS FTS SM=0x40920052 {F}


"SPACE" or LMB - skip picture;
"ESC" or RMB - fast quit;
"Cursor keys" - scroll virtual screen;
"0" - fit to screen (only VS);
"<-" - restore real size (only VS);
"-" not SHIFT or WHELLDOWN - zoom out (only VS);
"+" not SHIFT or WHEELUP - zoom in (only VS).


SM=DECIMAL NUMBER for AOS - thank to Mike Steed for bug report.
Support screen mode only with depth >8bpp.
Not ARGB,BGRA,RGB16,RGB16PC screen mode support only trought virtual screen.
CTBL, SHAM, CRNG, CCRT chunks of ILBM don't support.
Support only uncompressed ZX SCREEN file format.


Fix bugs, support ALTIVEC and JPEG2k.

The author DOES NOT take any responsibility for any damage
occured while using this viewer. THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES!

This Program is a giftware. If you are interested in the source code,
write to the author. The addresses in the order of importance:


The author of the program (not the author of DCT engine) is Maxim Ilyin,
a engineer-electrical.

Visit the homepage at russian http://imax9.narod.ru/

Huge "Thank You" goes to:

Team AMIRUS - for support and help (Vlad Vinogradov, Andrei Shestakov,
Vladimir Berezenko, Alexey Ivanov, Pavel Fedin and other)
Denis Sotchenko - for rusdevdocs.

And all people who create with AMIGA.

Short history :

before v0.69 (Nov 2005...Dec 2005) - test versions.

v0.69 (02-Jan-2006) - first public version for team AMIRUS.

v0.79 (05-Jan-2006) - fixed some bugs, add options SM and DEBUG.

v0.81 (12-Jan-2006) - some speedup, add option TIME (for Andy Parfenov).

v0.99 (08-Feb-2006) - bug fix, add support screen mode with bpp>8 and
option VSCREEN.

v1.07 (15-Feb-2006) - add centered and scale for VSCREEN.

v1.16 (26-Feb-2006) - correct display files with 16bit quantization tables,
add support colored type JFIF.

v1.48 (22-Mar-2006) - add support progressive type JFIF and JFIF with
incorrect info. Hard work finished.

v1.65 (31-Apr-2006) - add support IFF ILBM files and mouse wheel.
Some correct zoom function and clone screen of default.

v1.70 (04-Jun-2006) - correct view ILBM24, add support BMP 8bit.
First public 68k version.

v1.73 (08-Jun-2006) - add support ZX screen formats and BMP 32bit.

v1.83 (15-Jun-2006) - rewrite dequantize function and some bug fix,
now more files true show.

v1.98 (05-Oct-2006) - rewrite for async read and show, fix nonstandart
MCU numbers, more files normal view.

v1.99 (15-Oct-2006) - add support ARGB,RGB16,RGB16PC native mode, add
option FTS (Fit To Screen), bugfix scroll new picture.

v1.992 (24-Oct-2006) - fix bug "clearing Title Bar" and "non active window"
(I hope so).

v1.996 (23-Apr-2019) - added ASL files requester and remove keys from NUMPAD
to short MacBook keyboard.

Upload Date:Apr 24 2019
Size:86 KB
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