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Description:A MorphOS build of MAME 0.148 ported by Fabien Coeurjoly.
Developer/Porter:Fabien Coeurjoly
This is a port of MAME 0.148 for MorphOS.


- Morphos 1.4.5+
- MUI 4 (if starting in GUI mode).
- guigfx.mcc/library (supplied in archive).


- Built-in MUI GUI with screenshots and history.dat/mameinfo.dat support.
- Optimized triple-buffered display routines.
- Overlay support, offering free scaling and filtering. To avoid struggling with exotic screenmodes, MAME clones the Ambient desktop resolution when switching to fullscreen/overlay mode (unless specified otherwise).
- Joypad / Mouse support
- SDL-free.


- Updated to MAME 0.148. A lot has changed since 2007, many more systems/games are supported.
As usual, MAME got slower, but in particular, SH2/SH4-based games are now MUCH slower due
to missing PPC dynarec support. The MorphOS version uses the old SH2/SH4 interpreter instead,
but it's still much slower than 0.120, for some reason.
Apart from that, this version is roughly 10-15% slower in general, which is a bit compensated
by further optimizations in the MorphOS port.
- MUI4 lists are now used instead of NList. Good riddance.
- Fixed minor issues in the GUI.
- Improved MAME blitting engine speed.
- Fixed a crash when toggling to fullscreen mode if screen fails to open.

- Updated to MAME 0.120. Amongst remarkable generi improvements since 0.113:
+ MAME now comes with its own rom browser (tab menu->select new game or program started without any rom).
+ CPS3 system is now emulated (Street Fighter III 3rd Strike, ...)... but some frameskip needed to be playable on G4 though.
+ Model 1 system works better too (Virtua racing or Daytona USA)... but a 2GHz G4 is needed for them i fear. :)
... and many more, refer to whatsnew.txt or MAME website for the full list.
- As some config items have been changed quite a lot since 0.113, it's highly recommended to delete all ini/* and cfg/* files to avoid any trouble,
and rebind your keys/joysticks properly.
- Reworked the input system to match new MAME requirements. Mouse is also better supported now.
- Fixed a bug in non overlay fullscreen mode: bitmap allocation size was wrong in unscaled mode.
- Improved GUI:
+ Multiple screenshots navigation support (if they were saved in snaps/<rom name>/).
+ Cyclechain and control keys were added.
+ Faster abortion for asynchron loading of history.dat and mameinfo.dat files.
- Added optimizations to neogeo video driver (30% speedup) & original MAME blitting engine (400% speedup :)) to compensate the loss of speed of MAME since 0.107 or so.
- Enabled wavwrite support, and fixed some endianess issues with it (Thanks to elena for reporting that missing option).

- Updated to MAME 0.113.
- Screen aspect support
- Scaling with aspect support in non overlay mode.
- Sound lag issues are gone.
- Asynchron GUI

If you have any remark or suggestion, please contact me at fabien.coeurjoly@wanadoo.fr .

Upload Date:May 14 2016
Size:46 MB
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