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Description:Skin NG for ANR
Developer/Porter:Mickaël Pernot
Name: ANR-FamicomNG
Short: Skin NG for ANR
Author: Mickaël 'BatteMan' PERNOT
Type: mus/play
Version: 1.0
Distribution: It's a gift/encouragement-ware


This skin is based on the "Famicom Controller" classic skin for WinAmp, made by
Luigi Hann and available on 1001Skins's website :

How to use it ?
Simply put ANR-FamicomNG directory in the SkinNG directory of your
AmiNetRadio installation.

Launch ANR, go into the settings, choose GUI, ANRNG.gui and select

Inside the FamicomNG directory, you can find a little script to modify the skin
and add a search bar in the original. If you want to have a search bar, launch
the script, and relaunch ANR or select an another skin and choose the FamicomNG
skin again.

That's all folks ;)

Send bug(s) report, comments, suggestions, gifts, an Amiga 1000 or DVDs ;) to :

LamerHead Studios
make me happy , for one moment of my lifetime , i'd be there

Upload Date:Sep 14 2018
Size:55 KB
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