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Description:Ghostscript 8.70 Core, MorphOS port by Michal Zukowski.
Developer/Porter:Michal Zukowski
Short: Ghostscript 8.70 Core (MorphOS binary)
Author: Various, MorphOS port by Michal Zukowski <rzookol poczta onet pl>
Uploader: Michal Zukowski <rzookol poczta onet pl>
Type: gfx/conv
Version: 8.60
Requires: gs870core.lha, gsfonts.lha from http://www.whoosh777.com/ or Aminet
Architecture: ppc-morphos >= 3.10

This archive contains the Ghostscript 8.70 binaries for MorphOS 3.10+. You
also need the core and font archives. This version won't work with older releases!


To install Ghostscript 8.70 simply uncompress core archive, then the fonts
archive followed by binary archive.

Rename the GS870 drawer to "Ghostscript" and put it where ever you want to store it.
This example uses "SYS:Applications" as place for the Ghostscript drawer.

Open a text editor and insert the following lines at the end of your
s:user-startup file:

;BEGIN Ghostscript
assign gs: "SYS:Applications/Ghostscript"
assign gs870: gs:
assign gs870fonts: gs:fonts
;END Ghostscript

Note: if you changed the path just adapt the first assign command to match your
desired destination.

If you paste and execute those lines in shell Ghostscript is ready for
operation. Reboot has the same effect.

To setup Turboprint enter Turboprint settings and open the post script page.

Command line should contain (without "") this: "GS:bin/gs -sDEVICE=tp24 -q"
TempDir must contain (without "") this: "ram:"

Note: Make sure you press enter/return in each field to make TurboPrint store
your values. Without it will forget your settings.

Happy Printing...

Upload Date:Jun 20 2018
Size:8 MB
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