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Description:MMamM (MUI MUI and more MUI) is tool for creating and maintaining MUI custom-classes soley based on C(++) sources. It was designed in to be non-destructive on preexting sources. Code parts unrelated to the MUI class will remain unaffected and so will allready implemented methods (unless you delete them...). Written by Stefan Kleinheinrich.
Developer/Porter:Stefan Kleinheinrich
Short: MMamM
Author: Stefan Kleinheinrich
Type: dev/mui
Version: 0.3

MMamM requires an installed MorphOS SDK, without you won't even get a useable GUI.

MMamM (MUI MUI and more MUI) is tool for creating and maintaining MUI custom-classes soley
based on C(++) sources. It was designed in to be non-destructive on preexisting sources. Code
parts unrelated to the MUI class will remain unaffected and so will already implemented
methods (unless you delete them...).

MMamM will attempt to load existing classes, but anything that isn't really close to the coding
style generated MMamM will have issues.

MMamM will also generate/update MUICLasses.c(pp) and MUIClasses.h in the same directory as
class is saved.

Shortcomings of this release:
- only classes defined in mui.h can be used as baseclass
- whatever you type in the "argument" field will be copied into the source verbatim no
sanity checks whatsoever
- when changing a class name and/or it's filename you may end up yourself with a
muiclasses.h/c referencing a nonexistant class (tried my best to keep it sane)
- no proper manual/documentation ;)

Basic usage:

On startup the GUI will be disabled and you either have to select "New" or "Open" from menu.
At the top you have a string gadeget for the name of your class, at the right you can select
which MUI class it should be based on. You can enter any name here, but MMamM won't know
about any methods defined for classes not found in mui.h.

In the "Methods" rider you have to listview, left side for the ones defined in your class, right
side for methods that can be overloaded based the type of the baseclass.
Those can be pulled into the left listview, where they will appear in blue, while custom methods
will appear in black. The argument and name can't be changed for overloaded methods.
New classes will have OM_NEW,OM_SET and OM_GET defined as default, you can delete them but doing
so will the "Attributes" part of MMamM to be fully useable.

For custom classes you can select an argument:
- "Msg" if you don't need one
- MV_ULONG/LONG/STRPTR/APTR if you only need a single argumnet of that type
- MV_<classname>_<method> if you want something special. These will be defined in muiclasses.h
as stumps only containing "ULONG MethodID", add further entries afterwards

In the "Attributes" rider you can add attributes to your class.
At default the are created with code OM_SET(OM_NEW) and OM_GET and an entry in your INST_DATA.
You can disable "Set" and enablle "Init" if you want an attribute to only be assigned to in
INST_DATA entry is created either as "Copy" for non-pointer types and "Reference" for all pointer
types. Pointer types whose size can be determined can also be copied (a passes struct MyStuff *foo
would be stored as struct MyStuff foo in INST_DATA). This is disabled for pointers to unknown
objects/sizes like "APTR","Object*" or STRPTR).

Setting up a minimal test project:
- copy main.c into an empty directory
- start MMamM and name your class "MyString"
- change baseclass to MUIC_String
- add methods and attributes as you wish
- save as MyString.c in the new directory
- (MMamM will generate MUIClasses.c and .h)
- you can now compile&link all 3 sources by hand, create your own makefile or

- fire up FlowStudio
- select "New Project" from the menu
- name it and save into the same directory as the sources (saving it elsewhere might cause problems)
- select "Add Project Files" and add all 3 sources (and MUIClasses.h)
- you should now be able to build the project
- in main.c change the "StringObject" to "MyStringObject"
- build again and you have an app using your new class

How to (not) handle the generated sources:

The key feature of MMamM is that it can reload files that have already been touched by the user
to add,change or remove methods and attributes without destroying user code. Some caution has
to applied.
- always make sure you have a recent backup of your files in case something does go wrong
- don't change the formating of the functions or the dispatcher
- when adding comments or string constant be aware that MMamM may read them as C source
- don't name things that are only a longer version of something allready existing as the
stringsearch functions aren't sophisticated enough for it
MM_MyClass_Dostuff and MM_MyClass_DostuffExtra -> bad
MM_MyClass_Dostuff and MM_MyClass_DoExtrastuff -> good

Things you are supposed to do:
- add functions, variables etc not directly part of the MUI class
- add functional code between the struct Data... and return... lines
- add additional code in the doset() function
- add tags before TAG_MORE in the mNew() function


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