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Description:View various C64 pictures.
Developer/Porter:Stefan Haubenthal
Short: View various C64 pictures
Author: soci@c64.rulez.org (Kajtar Zsolt), port by uploader
Uploader: polluks+aminet sdf lonestar org (Stefan Haubenthal)
Type: gfx/show
Version: 1.60
Requires: PowerSDL
Architecture: ppc-morphos

Usage: view64 [OPTIONS...] PICTURE
View64 1.60 (C) 1995-2017 Soci/Singular (Kajtar Zsolt)

Window control:
-f, --full-screen Start in full screen
--no-menu-bar Start without menu
-h, --height <pixels> Window height
-w, --width <pixels> Window width
-x, --win-x <pixels> Window x position
-y, --win-y <pixels> Window y position
-z, --zoom <level> Zoom level

Rendering options:
-c, --chroma-noise Add chroma noise for PAL/NTSC
-i, --mci-deinterlace Fake multicolor deinterlacing (RGB only)
-p, --palette <file> Palette file for RGB mode
-l, --scanlines Render scanlines
-m, --monochrome Monochrome
-t, --tv-mask Render shadow mask
-u, --old-luma Old luminance
-N, --ntsc Use NTSC decoder
-P, --pal Use PAL decoder
-R, --rgb Use RGB decoder

-s, --save Save BMP image
-?, --help Give this help list
--help-formats List known image formats
--help-keys List window keys
--usage Give a short usage message
-V, --version Print program version

Mandatory or optional arguments to long options are also mandatory or optional
for any corresponding short options.

View64 comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; This is free software, and you
are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions; See LICENSE!

Report bugs to <soci@c64.rulez.org>.

Upload Date:Apr 26 2018
Size:166 KB
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