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# Sky Checkers

[<img src="https://zgcoder.net/software/skycheckers/images/playing-thumb.png">](https://zgcoder.net/software/skycheckers/images/playing.png)

## Introduction
Sky Checkers is a multiplayer video game I wrote during my high school and early college years. It is based on an old N64 Kirby mini-game. Knock off your enemies and the last one standing wins.

The quality of the code may reflect what I consider my first real project. This project is mainly for historical value now.

Sky Checkers officially supports macOS, Windows, and Linux. Support for other platforms depends on the presence of [SDL](https://www.libsdl.org). Downloads can be found on the [releases page](https://github.com/zorgiepoo/Sky-Checkers/releases). For information on compiling the latest changes from source, please see [INSTALL](INSTALL).

## Features

* 3D graphics written using OpenGL
* Local or [online](https://zgcoder.net/software/skycheckers/images/skycheckers_ubuntu_and_osx.png) battles with 1 - 4 players (online uses port 4893 over UDP)
* AI bots with an easy, medium, or hard difficulty
* Gamepad support
* [Console](https://zgcoder.net/software/skycheckers/images/console.png) for development & debugging

## Licensing

The source code is currently licensed under the GPL version 3.

The assets are licensed differently. I acquired [an embedded app license](http://typodermicfonts.com/goodfish/) for the goodfish font that only I can use and which is obfuscated in the code. Sound assets except for the main menu music are freely distributed from [Freesound](https://freesound.org) and [PacDV](http://www.pacdv.com/sounds/).

All other assets (main menu music, textures) were developed by a friend and me solely for this project, and are not otherwise freely licensed.

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