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Description:Tunnel Escape Game 2D/3D using OpenGL. Author : Rerofumi, OS4 port by IamSONIC, MOS Port : BeWorld
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[ TCGS Cave ]

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- The cheap game show "CAVE" is a 2D/3D don't hit the walls/race game
- Originaly developed for PSP
- Requires up to date MiniGL and graphics driver
- Should also run nicely on lower end machines like a Sam440ep with built in Radeon GPU
- Fixed some graphic glitches in HUD display and Highscores (3D Version)
- Faster but therefore less destructive gameplay than original PSP version
- Each level features a unique color theme and groovy electro tunes
- Supports Gamepads
- Keyboard controls: Ship movement = cursors, rotate = a+s, accelerate = space, brake = c

MorphOS readme :

Just a quick port of AmigaOS4 source (os4depot)
By BeWorld

Original readme:

After more than a month's hiatus, Rerofumi is now back in the scene with another homebrew game,
TCGS Cave. You guys might remember Rerofumi's other TCGS games: Invader and Block, which I bet
a lot of you guys had a lot of fun with just bouncing those colorful balls. (Something about
that didn't sound right but anyway...) This is how Rerofumi describes TCGS Cave
(according to Google Engrish at least): "Way it does not strike to the wall, the cave the
sufficient simple rule which keeps advancing. Time attack 3D edition and, the retro there is a
2D edition meaninglessly, two degrees is tasty with one grain." Errrr...right. We're not
sure about this one but based on the readme, TCGS Cave is based on a game show "CAVE" where the
basic principle is to go through the halls (or walls, whatever) as fast as you can without
crashing into them. Cool thing about it though is you can choose whether you want the game in
2D or 3D version. Rerofumi describes the 3D version as a time attack race game with three
stages all in all using SDL + PSPGL. As for the 2D version, Rerofumi says it has a "very
retro taste" to it, where the controls for the game is just basically Left/Right to direct your
movement. Here are the controls for the 3D version: * Up/Down/Left/Right - move * circle button
/cross button - throttle * triangle button/square button - brake * L/R - roll.

Upload Date:Mar 07 2018
Size:7 MB
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