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Description:A MorphOS git helper tool.
Developer/Porter:Marcus Sackrow
MoGit - a MorphOS git helper tool

Usage: MoGit [log|check|help] [path to repository]

help = this help text
log = show the commit log of the given repository
check = show the status of the given repository (changed files, staged, deleted, ...)

if no parameter is given "log" and current directory is used as default.

You need the git 2.16 MorphOS release, at the moment it expect it in sys:Development/ggt/usr/bin/git.
An opens Scribble for the diff Viewing.
Both location can be changed in the MoGit.ini file.

In the Ini file can be set if the Window opens by default with "Show untracked files" checked or not.

Have Fun.
Upload Date:Mar 04 2018
Size:163 KB
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