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Description:Heboris is Tetris clone ++.. port by BeWorld
### Heboris C7EX - unofficial version (YGS2K EX)

MorphOS port by BeWorld : version SDL

This version contains the source code for Heboris C7EX. It requires SDL-1.2,
SDLmixer and SDLimage libraries to play. Additionally, it may be compiled
with openGL support if that is present.

Example dependencies on Ubuntu 17.04

apt-get install libsdl1.2-dev libsdl-mixer1.2-dev libsdl-image1.2-dev mesa-common-dev

#### Installation

git pull https://github.com/tiehuis/HeborisC7EX

Requires a C++ compiler and sdl1.2 development libraries (and opengl).

#### 変更点 (Changes)

- JoystickのHATキーに対応しました。
- 音楽がボリューム0にフェードアウトしたままスタッフロールに入りエンディング曲が聞こえないのを

#### Todo

This repository would likely be maintained to some degree, but no major changes would be
made to the actual games functionality for the most part. Some simple fixes and changes
may be added, and will be listed in this section if so.

- Save 40l player data state, or allow a custom setting to be saved and used by default.
- Fix some problems that occur when changing window focus and reverting back to heboris.
- Allow traditional tgm style scoring. Heboris inflates the scoring to compensate for
B2B bonuses.
- Allow different key configurations for the menu vs. the gameplay.
- Setup a cmake build system.
- Any other minor bugs/errors I can find.

If the game screen gets stuck on an image and doesn't change, try deleting your
CONFIG.SAV file from config/data and restarting.

## Heboris Overview

Original changelog and description of heboris is included in the files
changelog.txt and heboris.txt.

1. 8 Selectable Rules
You can select 8 different rotation rules.

HEBORIS : TGM1 and TGM2 style. Same as original heboris rotation.
TI-ARS : TGM3 style. T and I piece have special ground kick(It works only once!).
TI-WORLD : SRS, you can move 10 times, or rotate 8 times.
ACE-SRS : SRS, you can move 128 times, or rotate 128 times
Fast drop is slower than TI-WORLD.
ACE-ARS : TGM-ACE style rotation rule. Really strange!
Fast drop is slower than TI-ARS.
ACE-ARS2 : Same as ACE-ARS, except soft drop and hard drop.
Fast drop is slower than TI-ARS.
DS-WORLD : SRS, you can rotate or move infinity!
Fast drop is slower than TI-WORLD.
SRS-X : Original rotation rule based on SRS. But you can use Zangi-moves!
You can move 24 times, or rotate 12 times.
And C-botton is "180 degree rotarion" with original wall kicks.
D.R.S : If you have ever played DTET,let's use this!
Added T and I ground kick(only once!) to it.

2. Special modes
You can play these extra modes.

with holding C botton.
Blocks are always 2 times bigger.

Select BEGINNER mode and press Hold botton once.
Default of BEGINNER mode is fireworks trial.
But this is score trial.
There are no Lv-stop before Lv100 and Lv200, and
support Item block will appear.
Goal is Lv300. If you reached Lv300 so quickly,
you'll get time bonus.
Back to Back will be better than combos...

Select MASTER , 20G, or DEVIL mode and press Hold botton once (twice in DEVIL mode).
Item blocks apeear,but attack items affects yourself.

Select MASTER or 20G mode and press Hold botton twice.
Sometimes pattern garbage appears.

TOMOYO E-Heart (ACE-Target)
Select TOMOYO mode and press right arrow key once(twice).
Other stages from other game(TGM-ACE).
Always, place of platinum blocks are randomized.

Select TOMOYO mode and press left arrow key once.
18 mimutes score challenge. (100 stages)

Select ACE mode and press right arrow key once.
It's faster than ACE mode.

Select ACE mode and press right arrow key twice.
The speed is.....WTF!

Select ACE mode and press right arrow key three times.
Two kinds of old classic ###rises (Decided by "ARS or SRS")

If DEVIL-DOOM is too fast for you, let's try.
Select DEVIL mode and press Right arrow once.

Select DEVIL mode and press Hold botton once.
Only one next display and no Hold!

(NOTE:You can use DEVIL- and DEATH+ together.
And If you use HEBORIS rotation, you can train T.A DEATH.)

Select SIMPLE mode (40LINES or ULTRA2min) and press Hold botton once.
Play 40LINES or ULTRA2min with ALL rotation rules.
Top-out does not become gameover,but penalty will be added.

3. Add-ons

See the res folder and the corresponding .txt files in the subdirectories
for information regarding changing aspects of the game. You can alter the
graphics, bgm, sound effects, and backgrounds from there.

4. Heboris.ini

See this file for possible changes made to the game that may not be able
to be changed in the in-game menu. Here is where some

5. License

(c) 1998-2002 Kenji Hosimoto

Upload Date:Feb 04 2018
Size:18 MB
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