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Description:A new mailer (beta version).
Developer:SimpleMail Team
Short: A new mailer (beta version)
Uploader: mail@sebastianbauer.info (Sebastian Bauer)
Author: hynek@hys.in-berlin.de (Hynek Schlawack), mail@sebastianbauer.info (Sebastian Bauer)
Type: comm/mail
Kurz: Ein neuer Mailer (beta Version)
Requires: OS 3.0, MUI 3.8, NList, NListtree, BetterString, TextEditor
Version: 0.44

Welcome to SimpleMail, an email client for your Amiga. The GUI and
the usage are very similar to YAM's (although YAM is currently much
more powerful), but it has (or should get) some features which YAM
doesn't offer. Please note this is BETA software. SimpleMail is
Open Source and released under the GNU Public License. Look at the
bottom of this file to see how to obtain the sources or get CVS access.

SimpleMail requires OS3.0 and MUI 3.8.
It also needs some additional MUI Custom Classes:

BetterString - http://aminet.net/dev/mui/MCC_BetterString-11.15.lha
NList / NListtree - http://sourceforge.net/projects/nlist-classes/
PopPlaceholder - http://aminet.net/dev/mui/MCC_Popph.lha
TextEditor - http://aminet.net/dev/mui/MCC_TextEditor-15.27.lha

Make sure that you always have the latest versions installed! Especially
having the latest NList classes (at least 0.96 of the package) is very

More information about the SimpleMail project can be found at


Developers are encouraged to take a look at


if they want to fork the project. They can also submit pull requests
in order to contribute to the project.

There is also a support mailing list:


SimpleMail is (originally) developed by

Hynek Schlawack <hynek@hys.in-berlin.de> - http://hynek.in-berlin.de/
Sebastian Bauer <mail@sebastianbauer.info> - http://www.sebastianbauer.info/

You can also contact them if you have any questions regarding SimpleMail,
but please use the mailing list if possible.

Code contributions done by:
Jörg Strohmayer
Bernd Gollesch

MorphOS port done by:
Nicolas Sallin

Initial guide done by:
David Rey

Translations done by:
Hungarian by Márton Dósa
Polish by Jacek Piszczek, Mariusz Danilewicz
Finish by Joni Halme

Images done by:
Martin Merz (all GUI images)
Richard Kapp (smily images)
Uros Lepota (startup/shutdown images)

Taglines contributed by:
Andreas Neumann

Great thanks to all of them!
/ /
__ / / Only Amiga makes it possible...
\ \/ /

Amiga is a trademark of Amiga, Inc.

Upload Date:Jan 05 2018
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