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Description:Scala emulation for Hollywood.
Developer/Porter:Andreas Falkenhahn
Short: Scala emulation for Hollywood
Author: Andreas Falkenhahn
Uploader: andreas airsoftsoftwair de (Andreas Falkenhahn)
Type: dev/hwood
Version: 1.4
Architecture: m68k-amigaos; ppc-amigaos; ppc-morphos; i386-aros

Malibu is a plugin for Hollywood which contains an import filter for Scala
presentations made with the classic Scala software for Amiga computers. As
soon as Malibu is installed, Hollywood will suddenly be able to show those
Scala presentations or compile them.

With Malibu it is now possible to run those Scala presentations without the
actual classic Amiga hardware. Because the whole emulation runs on top of
Hollywood's multimedia application layer you can run Scala presentations on
every platform supported by Hollywood. In many cases the quality of the
pictures that Malibu displays is much better than the original Scala quality
because Scala often had to remap many pictures with very different colors to
a 8-bit display which resulted in a massive loss of color information. With
Malibu, however, all graphics are shown in true colour.

Malibu emulates nearly the whole Scala command set and supports all Scala
versions from 1.0 up to Scala InfoChannel 500 which was the last Amiga
version of Scala. Emulation is done by the El Capitan microkernel which
tries to achieve the best performance possible on the system used. For
example, the next page is already calculated while the current page is on
the display. Complex transition effects can also be pre-calculated and then
displayed smoothly.

Scala is a program which helped the Amiga to become a real Multimedia
wonder. There were no products for a long long time that could beat an Amiga
with Scala. Therefore Scala was widely used in all different production
fields, from movies and television to big shows. Everyone who has worked
with Scala knows what powers it has. But this power is only possible because
Scala is very hard-coded to the Amiga's custom chips which leads to the
problem that it does not run on modern Amiga systems or other platforms. For
many years all sorts of users complained that there was no Scala that runs
RTG compatible. This time is over now. Malibu revives Scala in a completely
system-friendly way.

Builds of this plugin for other platforms (Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X,
Linux) are available from the official Hollywood portal which is online
at http://www.hollywood-mal.com/

Upload Date:Nov 05 2017
Size:640 KB
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